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Pile O' Homegrown!

It all started back in September.

It all started back in September. Syringes from PF came, I was happy. My friend grew some amazonians using the PFTek method on cakes. They sure took a LONG time to grow, We attempted a mycelium tea using 1 cake during the colonization, that failed.

So now it's about a month later, and my friend gave me 5 cakes to grow in my terrarium, my mom found them, =[. So about 3 days after, I found the cakes in a garbage bag, with shrooms all over them still, got about 15 fresh grams off of them.

That day, I didn't goto school, hoping to trip all day, I decided to ask my friend if he had any mature shrooms yet. With luck, he said, he did. We got around 150 fresh grams all together that night, after we picked em all, and weighed them on the 3-beam. So my friend that grew them, we'll call him A, and my other friend that was just there, we'll call him B, decided to finally eat them.

We split them up pretty evenly, I think i ate about 50grams fresh give or take a few grams. A ate about 50 or so, and B ate about 40 (giving me around 10). They then tell me that they have to goto the mall quick, to which i know they wont be back. So they leave to go to the mall at around 6pm. Said they'd be right back, I had absolutely nowhere to go, so I decide to go chill in our little smoking place we have out in the woods and wait for these babies to kick in. Sitting there, candles burning, I start thinking, "Fuck, I hope i ate enough, This sucks, I'm not gonna trip." Boy was I wrong.

I had a watch by me the whole time, at about 6:40pm things started to get weird. The cardboard walls we had (don't ask =]) started moving on me, what the fuck. I think their actually going to work!

Then I discovered the candle, I must of played with that thing for at least 30 minutes straight, dabbling in the hot wax, covering BOTH of my hands with it, I found it interesting. I then realized that I was seriously coming up, and it was time to get out of there before I got lost!
Upon exit, The journey out, (about 15 feet) was the most adventerous journey of my life, When I reached the real world (the place that I was in was enclosed) I was startled, Looking outside actually scared me, since I went in when it was daylight, and now it is nighttime. That was nuts!

At about 7:20pm I say, I left, Traveled up to a friends house ( lets call him C)where we had originally dosed, C was sober, and doing dishes. I knock on the door. C tells me to come in, That makes me happy.

I tell him that they kicked in and how insane it was while I was down there by myself. C starts telling me about times when him and his buddies would eat like a 1/2oz of cubies each, and just trip all day and night. It was funny as hell, Even when he was talking about normal things, I could not help but to completely burst out laughing. C completely understood, and told me just to let myself loose, he didn't care. I told him I needed to go have a smoke in the other room, so I did.

Upon entrance of the other room, The lights were amazing, and VERY bright, This bothered me for about a minute as I gazed at them in awe, I then realized that If anyone was looking at me I would look like an idiot, I sat down.

I sit down and search for my cigarettes, Every pocket I went through was like a deep journey into a dark cave, finally, the last pocket I checked, success! i found my cigarettes, I then looked for my lighter for another 5 minutes, and then realized that it had been in my cigarette pack the whole time. Finally got a smoke lit, every drag was intense, and I stared at the door watching it move up and down and left and right. That amused me until I saw C appear at the door I was staring in awe at. "What the fuck?" I thought to myself. What are all those leaves in his fucking hands? For a split second I thought about pot, but totally forgot in the first place that I even did drugs. C then steps in the door, and throws them on my lap, here, me and a friend grew this over the summer. It took a while to register, I just received a load of homegrown for free! What a friend!

I then explain to him that I have no pipe, So he makes me one out of a beer can, C gives it to me and says, have a ball. It must have took me 15 minutes to get the weed into that pipe, It was a very simple task, but It seemed to be the most tedious thing in the world to do at the moment. I finally got it packed, Then forgot what to do. Oh yea, I smoke this! I proceeded to light up and hit it, inhaling, i felt the smoke rush into my lungs, I though "I think this is starting to hurt." I exhale, DAMN, I TOOK A HUGE HIT! Inhaling deep didnt bother me that much, and I smoked about 4 bowls...

C then comes back in the room and asks me if I would like to go for a ride. This should be fun I thought. Walking from the house to the car was also amazing, Going down the steps it felt like they were there, but MUCH lower then they should be. Every step, I thought I was about to fall over. I finally made it to the vehicle, the darkness annoyed me but finally went away. While we were driving I felt as if I was on an adventure to somewhere, but I didn't know where. All the streetlights had a glow of red and blue around them, and the road seemed to be moving, not me. Every car that passed was like a different task I had to accomplish, making sure it didn't hit us. Even though I wasn't driving, I felt that I was in control of the cars hitting us or not. After awhile, I remember that I have pot. I ask C if he had a pipe, and he said yes, he keeps it in the car. I then proceed to pack it, which took 10 minutes, since I was not using any light.. Boy was that hard. I finally get to smoke, although it didn't have any effect on me. I just felt appreciation for marijuana, and I figured i'd show my respect for it by smoking it. Smoking the pipe was a zone within itself. I then look at the road and watch the guardrail turn into an evil, slithering silver dragon, And the trees started to drip green from their leaves. We keep going, and I start blabbing about stuff, didn't know what, but it was interesting. We then stop, and turn around, while turning around I notice this interesting tree, with white formations all over it, I am CONVINCED that this is shrooms mycelium, and that I must go pick it. "What the hell is that white stuff on that tree?" I ask C. He tells me that that is a normal tree, and there is nothing on it, I say that it has to be there, and that there is going to be tons of shrooms growing all over that in a few days. We then turn around...

The ride back is pretty foggy for me, since then I am pretty sure that I am at my peak. I keep asking, where is A and B? C told me he really did not know. So I get back to his house and tell him i'm going to chill in the other room for a while, till I came down enough to go home. While In there, I proceeded to smoke the rest of my marijuana, convinced that I would still have some left, somehow, even if I smoked it all tonight, tomorrow. While in there, C bursts in the door, "YOUR MOM IS ON THE PHONE" He says, The look he gave me just scared the shit out of me, and I KNEW that I was in trouble. Of course, I was not.

I get on the phone and start talking to my mom, it felt like she was talking forever, I wasn't paying attention, I just kept saying yea, yea, sure, uh huh.. But then I busted out in laughter for no apparent reason. Think, Think! I thought to myself, Cover it up! I told her that I drank a case of beer by myself (she approves of alcohol, and marijuana, but shrooms and acid of course are deadly =]) She says, oh, you really fucked up? I say yea, and she tells me to be home by midnight and that she is hanging up. That relieves me, and I just continue observing the OEV's I am having in the room (with the lights off) having fun. At about 11 o clock, C tells me he is going to bed, and that he thinks it's time for me to leave.

The walk home was like an Indiana Jones movie, I figured, If I make it home without getting busted for curfew/drugs, I would be king. I jumped and ran through yards like I was dodging boobie traps, and running from headhunters. I then see my house, There it is! I'm almost there! I get on the porch, and it takes forever, seemingly, to get my key in the door. I walk in with a HUGE smile on my face, and goto the fridge. Damn I'm thirsty, I said. Looking in the fridge as if it were a museum of fine art, or something. Gazing in the fridge I just stared and smiled at all the food. I then realized that my mom was watching me, and I was supposed to get a drink. I get my drink, and goto my room. Still mildly stoned, I realized that I couldn't sleep, and that I'll watch tv, I really don't remember what was on. But I stayed up until about 2 or 3 am.

This was my first time ever doing shrooms, and I was really pleased with the experience, no nausea at all, no bad trip, it was really fun. I cant wait to do more potent ones again!


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