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Phishy trip

My trip took place at a Phish concert.

My trip took place at a Phish concert. Me and my friend had been walking around looking for 'stuff'. We each scored some kind nugs. He scored an 1/8 of mushys first then I got an 1/8 from some hindu kid who said they were dank. Oh well it wasn't my first time so I felt pretty confident and ate the whole thing. they were large whole mushrooms with closed caps. i wolfed them down and relaxed with a couple bowls of kind when my trip started to take place. I was looking at the cloud patterns in awe zoning out on the sky like a normal trip. I sat on the hood of my friends car talking to him about trippy shit(you know how it is). We went to take a piss in the woods when i started to peak. I stared at the bark patterns on the tree i was hosing down for what seemed like forever. I looked up at the canopy of the forest and was amazed. Everything was going great. About two hours after the trip began we went in to the show. the walk to the lawn was fun i stared at a fence the whole time. it wasn't until we sat down in the lawn that things went awry. i felt hot almost too hot, also i felt agitated. I couldn't sit anylonger. The music was to loud and there were thousands of greasy hippies dancing all around me, and the whole place reeked of pachooly. I asked my friend if he wanted to smoke a bowl to calm down, but it didn't work I didn't feel stoned at all just agitated. so me and my friend got up and walked around for awhile, but decided to get the hell outta there cuz it wasn't a fun experience. when we got out into the parking lot things cooled down a bit and my trip fell into place the ground looked wavy and everthing had that trippy glaze to it. when we finally got to his car and chilled for a bit we got to talking about the experience and come to find out he felt the same way i did the whole time. That day was intense, it was my worst and best time ever shrooming. at times i felt close to heaven at other times i felt like pulling out someones hair. A very wierd experience indeed.

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