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Phish Concert

I went to the Phish concert at Starlake on July 7 and me and 6 others decided to take some mushrooms and trip at the show.

I went to the Phish concert at Starlake on July 7 and me and 6 others decided to take some mushrooms and trip at the show. On the way into the show there was hundreds of cars from different states and people preparing for the great show that was going to take place. The weather was absolutely perfect it was warm and blue skys and the great feeling you get before you go into your favorite bands concert to hear them play live. On the way in into the parking lot I decided to eat and prepare for what was to come. We parked our cars and sat and hung out, I then decided to eat a few more caps. Within 20-25 min. it kicked in and I was getting real dizzy and that flush feeling was hitting me hard. We weren't even in the concert yet and i was already feeling the effects heavily. Walking to the gates I started tripping and the colors were bright and everything was extremely vivid. The following was amazing there was so many people there I thought I was going to wig out but with my friends there I knew it was going to be fun. We finally got in and Phish opened with Chalkdust Torture and the people were just jumping and grooving to the music and I was in the state of tripping very hard I looked across the crowd and it was like everybody was dancing in unison I was jamming hard to the music, the music was just flowing thru my body and it was pounding on my ears and all those background sounds was making it more intense. The first set was coming to an end and the trip was in full effectit was getting dark and that is when everything started to get fun. After the first set they went into an intermission where everybody sat down and took about a half hour break to 45 min. People were just wondering around in the same state I was. It was completely dark and it was the clearest sky all the stars were out jamming to Phish. They started the second set with Roggea and if anybody heard that song it was amazing, especially with the stars out, the stars were melting out of the sky and 2 girls in front of me were dancing so perfectly to the song I was in a trance they moved the glow sticks to the rhythm of the music and it was a amazing. This one kid in front of me had these glow sticks and was flowing with them in the most unbelievable way he was so smooth and fluid he would take them around his back and over his head it was eye candy he was wearing reflective clothing and it was bouncing off his clothes it was by far one of the coolest things I have ever seen. They then went into mike's song and during the jam session a glowstick war broke out and hundreds and hundreds of glowsticks were flying thru the air it was amazing colors of red, blue, yellow, green and many others were being thrown everywhere that combined with the music made the trip even more intense. Phish can put on a great light show that flows with the music. The light hitting the people was cool as hell everybody was dancing and it looks as though the whole place was small because of the lights and the people dancing. The two girls in front of me dancing to the music were great they flowed with the greatest of grace and were absolutely moving to the music they were extremely enchanting to watch. Overall it was one my best trips next to the Golf Course.

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