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Philosophical Realizations...

I had my first shrooms experience yesterday.

I had my first shrooms experience yesterday. I was with four other dudes at a large, foresty park called Discovery Park. We all piled out of the car and proceeded to eat the mushrooms on bagels with cream cheese. I figured that would not only give us energy for all the tripping we had in store, but also the unpleasant taste of the mushies would be more or less unnoticable. After our meal, we decided to get out of the parking lot and into the gigantic park surrounding us while our bodies absorbed the psychodelic toxins of the shrooms. We chilled for about 15 minutes and they began to take effect. Surrounded by trees, shrubs, various plants, and a brilliantly sunny sky, we all agreed that colors were becoming increasingly vibrant and obvious to our eyes. I began to laugh a lot for no reason, and it was contagous too; as everybody else started laughing along with me. We kept walking around, occasionally passing hikers who would give us scornful looks of disapprovment. I really don't know if they knew we were messed up or not, since adults will almost always look down on a group of 5 teenage boys no matter if they're high punks or brilliant students (which would later become a topic of one of our many philosophical conversations). As our minds and bodies turned more abnormal with the effects of a shroom high, I began to see a distortion of reality. The 5 of us all agreed to stop and chill at a very scenic and beautiful look out point on the edge of the trail. It was a wooden lookout platform that displayed an incredible view of the Puget Sound water and the beach. As I gazed downwards, I suddenly saw what I had heard so much about prior to this trip: breathing objects. Plants and their leaves all me were slowly breathing up and down; in and out; in a really peaceful manner. Nobody was speaking. We were all off in our own worlds, enjoying the completely surreal plantlife around us that had suddenly shifted into a lively environment. I gazed intently into a leave on the ground and coulde make out the tiny cellular structures of the leaves' veins. Even the water down below us had taken on a brilliant blue color, and waved up and down in a trippy motion.
When we finally decided to move on, I could barely sense my legs or arms... I was walking without effort in a complete daze. My friends' pupils all had become unbelievably dialated and almost frightening. Above us, the clouds and blue sky all took on the very shroom sterotypical "kaliedascope" formation, while around us the pathway, trees, water, and fallen leaves all breathed in sync with us. We finally began speaking to each other... and the conversations quickly turned into deep thoughts, ideas, and wonders about almost everything. We spoke about how the American school system is complete bullshit; in that memorizing information about women's rights in the 1800's is useless in our lives today, and studying on Thursday night about how many protons the elements have just to ace the Test on Friday is useless when we ALL forget the stuff we learned one week later. We discussed how many teenagers don't apply themselves in school because the system is standardized, and that this country's only measure of success "book smarts", and never about true internal wisdom. We spoke about how we really hate many things about adults. Ask yourself if you're a boy: how many times have you been walking around and had an adult glare at you in disgust, very likely thinking him him/herself "that kid, I bet he's a goddamn pothead. Probably doing nothing with his life.." Ask yourself if you're a girl: how many times have you been strutting your stuff at the mall when an adult will snear at you probably thinking "that poor girl, she's probably got no responsible adults looking after her.. she's probably a little slut with the boys, not doing anything in her life other than drink and have sex."
The point is, adults judge and are prejudicial of ALL teenagers. The 5 of us agreed that when in a library, and adult with think "wow what a great young man, getting his education early in life. He's really going places". But if you and you're friends are chillin at a park at nightime, ANY adult will look from their cars or houses and think to themselves that its a bunch of punks up to drugs or drinking. I realized, its ADULTS themselves who are the enemies. It is them who are miserable in their failing marriages, their lost youth, their totally out of shape and fat bodies, etc. I, a 16 year old, am a person too, and am nobody to be judged by an ignorant adult who is simply too depressed with the state of his/her life to acknowledge that my generation is the future of this country.
Anyway, we all continued to discuss the deep problems with America and the troubles all teenagers go through while our hallucintions wore off. Overall, it was not a mild but definitely not an intense trip. I enjoyed the breathing plants and kaliedascope sky, while we all ended our trips with our new ideas and perspectives on who we were. I would definitely say that mushrooms unlock your thoughts, that deep down inside you already knew, but just needed these crazy plants to help you bring them to the surface.

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