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Philipino The Greats

It was back in March this year when me and four other friends had decided to go to bridlington, England, for a week.

It was back in March this year when me and four other friends had decided to go to bridlington, England, for a week. Me and one of the girls decided to buy 60g fresh of philipino mushrooms before we went. The orginal plan was to take them when we weren't tired, hadn't been drinkin and felt pretty good but this didn't happen. The first night there we went out and got pretty drunk and kim had been feeling ill and very tired, never the less she still went ahead with it. One of the guys who went with us started casuin trouble and moanin about drugs and other shit and got a slap off my girlfriend (Well Good) and decided that he would join us. So i put the noodles on (wasn't my first time, i had taken 15g of blue meanies a month earlier) and chopped up the 60g and mixed it in. About 5 minutes after we had taken them my girlfriend had gone off on one so i had to go look for her. At this point the caravan site was very dark and the weather was damp and i had to walk to the reception building in total darkness which would seem like a bad idea but i was ok. After everything settled down i was talking to my girlfriend and this is when my trip started. I remembered the feelin i got with the blue meanies which was becos i had them with alcohol and it is how my trip started out this time. My body suddenly became heavy and i got hot so i went and sat outside. I looked at the grass and the light shining from the caravan looked as though it was moving like waves over the grass and the grass started sparkling and swirling. Then as i buried my head in my hands through tiredness there was this light shining on the inside of my arm and it turned blue which at first looked comet like but then it became like a portal in which i wanted to enter. I kept lookin at the portal and then i felt really small, almost as though i was makin myself shrink so i could fit into this portal. Then i remember realising that this could be a passage way into my mind or another world but then my girlfriend opened the door n told me to come to bed. I said fair enough in ten minutes. I laid on the sofa and watched l these colours that i had never seen b4 swirl and move around the walls, infact ever surface was moving and was now not there original states or colour. The tv seemed to morph into larger and strange shapes, god it was intense. My friend said that the walls were bbreathing which is somethin i thought happened with LSD. So i went to bed and when i closed my eyes i got the old kaleidoscope effectbut yet it was like i was going on a journey, everythin i thought was represented by colours and i remember thinkin of my holiday to spain which i was going on later on in the year and the buildings and pool and sea which i was thinkin of were just colours but i could understand or could decode these colours and find things that i wasn't even thinkin of. Then i suddenly just snapped out of it n saw my mate who i thought looked like a gremlin at this time. My friend kim said that she thought rayman (the computer game chracter) was tryin to attack her but wasn't scared. Those pro plus she overdosed on must have effected her differently. I strongly recommend these mushrooms just don't drink before you take them! George

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