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Phil's Hut Tale

You know the place if you have been there, and i know you have.

You know the place if you have been there, and i know you have. p...'s hut is this chill place in the woods at a familiar private school, and me and two buds had just dropped tabs of jerry garcia about an hour ago when we got there. as we arrived, we saw about six other friends of ours hanging out there, especially in the net that hangs over a ravine, whivh is really chill. we were hanging around and it was getting dark so we went to b.. and d.....'s hut where some other tripping people had built a fire. after a while four of us decided to head back to campus since it was getting too dark and late. it was the three original dosers plus one dude i barely knew. we were going down these cliffs and the dude started flippin. we were trying to console to no avail. finally after massive screaming and occasional unavoidable violence,we got him back to campus. we had to leave him in his room, but later that night he tweaked even harder and paramedics came and took him away. it was bad. our trip kind af sucked because of that, but it would have been really good. i was getting killer vis. in a dark room for about three hours, which was cool. i'm going to dose in about an hour, so wish me luck on this one.

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