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Perfect Trip

This trip happened on a tuesday.

This trip happened on a tuesday. That day I picked up 1.5gs later my friend and I went back to his house to trip, well me anyway he had pot. At 5:30pm I washed them down with some orange juice and 4 vitamin C pills, THEY WORK REALLY! At 5:40 I was feelin it, So we went outside into a field where he smoked a bowl. By the time that we got back I was tripping and laughing a lot. Then I had the most crazy idea

I went downstairs as layed on his bed, turned on his strobe light, closed my eyes and blasted the Hackers cd #9. Its hard to explain where I was at that time but the music shaped what I saw. Shapes and infinity were dancing in my eyes and I loved it occasionally I would laugh a little but for the most part I was speechless. Each new song made different shapes, patterns, tunnels of light ect. Then I had to eat dinner with my friends mom and little brother, I think I pulled it off ok but I still don't really know. Back downstairs I went to listen to My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. Totally nuts. I started to peak around then I was everything and everywhere and the music showed me what I saw and was. To relax afterwards I played san fransisco Rush for the N64. For some reason I felt really good, Everything was good. I have NEVER felt like that. It wasn't sexuall at all but I felt totall fufillment like never before. (vitamin C pills perhaps) Soon enough my trip was over and I got stoned and walked home. keep trippin

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