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Perfect first trip

3 very close friends and I decided to shroom a few weeks ago.

3 very close friends and I decided to shroom a few weeks ago. It was my first time and their second times. We each ate about 1/8 with strawberry yogurt and it didn't taste bad at all.
Shortly after we began our adventure. We had picked out a secluded spot earlier in the day with lots of amazing plant life and a good view on one end of the area surrounding our campus.
While we were walking over to our spot, I became aware that the sky and buildings seemed much brighter and more colorful than usual. Also, when I moved my fingers, it seemed like they were connected with invisible goo, making an interesting sensation.
Just as we made it to our spot, it hit us. (approx. 30 mins after consumption ~ 6:45pm) There was a high wall with red, green, and yellow ivy covering it, and the entire thing seemed to be alive, breathing and writhing. It was so intense I couldn't look at it, and I made friends with a small tree nearby, observing the ants crawling all over it and thinking about their lives.
The area we were in was a long rectangle shape, about 200 yards by 10 yards, with all kinds of bushes, trees, grass, and moss. After we had walked the length of it and stopped to observe every seemingly living creature/bush we came out on the open end of the spot just in time to watch the sun set.
By this time, my friends looked absurd. I began to feel like I wasn't really part of my body. My friend's faces were all contorted and funny looking, and kinda greenish blue. Also, everyone seemed very tall and slim, strangely.
For the next 3 hours or so, we walked around and had (what seemed then to be) the most philosophical conversations I could imagine. One of my buddies befriended a stick with a massive knot on one end and named it Wolf. Another had a lighter that he named Snap, and at first we all hated it, but after a while we took turns playing with it and accepted it.
Just about anything was fun to hold onto and play with, especially cigarettes. Over the course of the trip, I would play with cig after cig, rolling it around in my fingers and slowly ripping it apart. It felt intense.
Overall, we all had excellent trips, we bonded, had fun, and had an excellent time.
Shrooming is definetely something you have to experience to understand, make sure you aren't around people you don't know; friends are great to shroom with. Don't expect to be very social the day after, it takes a lot outa you.

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