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Perfect First Trip

Prelude: It was the christmas holidays, and me and two friends, D.

Prelude: It was the christmas holidays, and me and two friends, D. and N. decided to take a 6 day ski vacation. Nice snow, awesome skiing, an ounce of pot and 10 grams of shrooms. The perfect mix. It was the most relaxing 6 days ever; sparking up a joint when ever.( by the way, skiing stoned is a must try for all advanced + skiiers).

The night: Anyway, the third night, me and D decided it was a perfect night to go "all out nuts" and try these little god given mystical plants. This would be the first real shroom trip for us both.(peviously we had done miniscule amounts a few times). We came back form another rewarding day of skiing, and ended up consuming 5 dried grams each at 5:30. N, my other friend was not part taking, but was getting very stoned that night. Personally I loved just the taste of the shrooms, but as I would learn later that night, the trip is countless times better than the taste:)

The beginnings of the journey: I started to feel quite giddy about 15 minutes after ingestion, but nothing really wierd. After D. came out of the shower, we all sat talking for a bit, with Marley playing in the background. The first odd thing I noticed was that the music that we were listening to all the sudden felt like it was going in one ear , squeezing throughmy head, and coming out the other ear, but this only lasted a few seconds. Next thing I knew, I was laughing uncontrolably about everything and anything, making up and understanding the funniset things I've ever expierenced. I was laying on the couch, and basically was paralized from laughter. I was so happy that my eyes were tearing, and N. had to get me klenexs many times. It felt like my body was clensing itself, releasing the "bad spirits" so to say.

Now for the visuals: After my one hour of non stop laughing and rolling around on the ground, I decided to sit up a bit and lok around at the room. I looked down the hallway and noticed it was taking on a different shape, an enchanted shape(?). At this point in time D. was not as far as me in his trip, and the shrooms were "taunting" him by making everything normal exept for suddenly one thing would be screwed up. All of us found this to be extreamly funny. Then I looked over at N. and discoved that his face was painted like a Mayan Indian's, with intricate red lines making up very detailed geametric shapes. As I stared at his face, eventually it seemed that his face was inside of a giant sphere(just his eyes, nose and mouth), which I was also in. Wow. I turned to D. to tell him, and noticed that he was morphing hardcore! He was highly indulged in the carpet, which was "doing some funky shit". I looked at it and i saw green temples and such, sort of like if i was looking at a magiceye poster.! At this point many little funny things happend, such as D.'s rabbit backpack(in which he keeps his vaporizor), started to morph colours. I also loked at some wood grain making the loft in our condo and saw faces of women and such..At one point D.'s sock greatly interseted me because it had the same patterens as N.'s face when he was a native. The sock on the carpet somehow represented a sybiotic relationship(?)(I understood at the time). All three of us kept on conversing, and things kept on melting and morphing. At one pont when I lied down everything stared to dance around in rainbow colours; strips, spirals, and in laughter; it was the start of my peak.I remember thinking to myself, that if happiness could be seen, that this is what it would look like. It was in most wonderfull thing that I've ever experienced. I was overwhelmed by all of this and closed my eyes. This is the hardest part of my trip to describe. I was floating around in purple and realized how amazing life is and was analizing everything in a positive way. I was in spheres, colors, sounds. I felt my body living; pumping blood, breathing, feeling emotions. I was experiencing life itself and nothing else. When I finally opened my eyes, I started to tell D. and N. about it, but D.'s morphing face interested me much more. First his forhead would grow, then this bulge would start to move, and all this time his hair wsa going nuts. Next N. turned on some french tv station for about 5 minutes becasue he wanted to trip out while he was still very high on dope. I don't know aoubt N., but to me it looked like the tv was engulfing the room with spirals. It was speaking very slowly. When we tuned off the tv, every thing was waving around and D. looked like an elastic-like entity, his face kept on subtley changing and represented different animals.

Finally moving around: I decided to finally get up, it felt like i was on a small boat in the water. Thats when i realized that i had already got up before and started to switch cds but then somehow didn't complete my task. Somehow i managed to put something on. As a walked around, i found very small almost not noticable things very interesting. When i went upstairs to explore, the act of climbing up was very odd; as if i was in a washing machine but not at all dizzy. Meanwhile D. was trying to explain to N. how to cook something. However, things were obviously still morphing for him etc. and he wasn't in a state to explian anything. he would spontanioustly laugh for no reason, or start laughing when i was calling him to look at something really cool that i found. N. who i think wasn't ultra ultra stoned anymore eventually figured it out for himself. I suddenly realized i needed to pee, so i went to the bathroom, but somehow i couldn't remember how to pee, it was an odd feeling. I was however seeing cool images in the tiles on the ground. Things were getting bigger and smaller now, and not morphing as much(not "breathing",just getting larger and smaller(?)). Eventually i had my pee and came out.

Absorbing it: I was still feeling very shroomed, but i felt a lot more comprehensive now. Me and D. started talking about all the things we had seen and felt while smoking countless joints and good food. I have always concidered the smoke from joints beatiful, but this time the the smoke had some red and green in it as well, making it remarkable. As me and D. talked (N. went upstairs to sleep) of many things, the shrooms started wearing down, but still hit us in waves on its decent. We came up with many conclusions including that shrooms let you feel your whole personality and mood amplify at once, as opposed to pot, which does the same but only with bits and pieces of your personality and mood. Also we agreed that this was better that we expected; more vivid and real than presumed. Most importantly, we agreed that this was a life changing experience. Amoung the many things I discovered and/or reaffirmed on this journey was that I learned to be even more open minded, that little things can create a lot of joy and happiness, and that everyone needs their own little niche in the world to call "theirs". The next day, I felt incredible. Everything had a new beuty and clean polish. The snow, the coulds, the cold, the people, it was as if I had never really fully appreciated the true beauty of all of these things. Over the next few days, this affect died down a bit, but definaltly did not disappear. I'm writting this now about a week after my trip and I honestly think that simple little fungus has directed me in the right path of enjoying life to the fullest.


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