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I cannot explain the trip I had in words and that is probably why it is always so difficult to write these trip reports.

I cannot explain the trip I had in words and that is probably why it is always so difficult to write these trip reports. On the night of the experience, I ate 2 grams of shrooms (bought from the local dealer) and mixed 'em with OJ for consumption.

Due to my empty stomach I felt the effects quickly, beginning with feelings of dreaminess from the onset. It felt as if I were embarked upon a dream world. For all I knew I could've been asleep in my bed at that very moment. This is a feeling no one can explain until it happens to them. I do not know if it was because I just had strong thoughts about being in a dream or if I was actually exploring an emotion within me that may be similar to a dream state. Beats me. Perhaps it could've been the fact that time did not matter and the form of consciousness I was now under was different (I guess you could say any different form of consciousness may be comparable to a dream.. dreams are, indeed, a very different form of consciousness).

Never mind, I started rambling a bit there. After being in the dream state for what seemed like quite some time (20 minutes, most likely), it wasn't until I returned to the backyard of a friend's house that I started entering different realms of perception. Realms of perception I had never experienced before. All shapes seemed more formed. Things began to breathe and move. A girl sitting across from me was chewing gum and blowing bubbles.. Her face spoke volumes at the time. It had an evil edge to it, and she began to look demonic.. But there was not only this side to her either.. there was something beautiful about her. To explain it in words is simply impossible, so please bear with me.

During a different stage of the trip, things began to take a cartoony sort of effect (which was quite different from previous trips). Only one word could describe my perceptions at the time: wacky. Everything I looked at just screamed of wackiness. The trees looked like drawings in a cartoon. People's faces began to take weird zany forms (I hate to use the words zany and wacky, but those are pretty much the only ways to describe it). I had never seen such wackiness in my life.

The adventure that occurred that night pretty much only involved my friends and I walking around our neighborhood staring at different landmarks. It seemed after the "wacky" stage of the exploration subsided, I reached a different point. Everything natural (plants, trees, etc.) began to become alive and spoke volumes (much like the girl I explained earlier). While looking at one of the houses on a street which was surrounded by a vast garden, I could almost see the energy exuded by the plants. It was almost too much to handle. To see these things in such a way was, in fact, at times a little frightening.

The trip can only be explained in three words: sinister, wacky and vibrant. I reached those three stages. At times I felt as if I could control some of it, yet at others I had no idea what form of perception things might take. The only way I will truly be able to explain is by attempting to return there in my mind. The thing I learned from it all was that maybe it is possible to see emotions. During the night, every thing I saw had an emotion attached to it. When I looked at the trees, it wasn't as if I was just seeing the beauty of them, it was almost as if I was seeing the feeling of beauty that was within me. It's hard to describe, and maybe I'm not making any sense anymore.. there's got to be somebody out there who knows what I'm talking about.

Anyway.. after yet another psychedelic adventure, I am still strapped with curiosities. Was the experience meaningful or was it simply a poison that drove me close to insanity for a few hours? Whatever it was, it was certainly compelling. Attempting to explain the unexplainable is impossible, so I won't go any further.

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