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People were watching me

Ok it all started one day at about 1pm.

Ok it all started one day at about 1pm. The night b4 a friend and I had got supposly 1 g of mush, that were also suppose to be the best ever. the next day we weighed the mush on the scale, and it was actually 2 g each. so we thought hey even better. we at them drank it down with water. about 5 mins later my stomach hurt so bad i thought i was going to be sick. I held it in, and tried to drinnk more water, within another 10 mins the stomach ache went away, so i knew it was going to hit soon, we sat on my friends couch, and the walls were swirling in and out, i would look outside, and in the trees i could see faces , of casino people, and they were all laughing at me. later on i was soo fa#$ up that i could look at my hands and trip out looking at them, everything that i was looking at was breathing with me. I was throwing my friends remotes on the floor thinking they were dog toys. Later we went for a walk outside, and it felt like people were watching us, and that there was something distorted with us, that we shouldn't have been outside, it was really wierd, good trip tho..fun time, dont eat to many funguys. lol

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