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Peaking w/ Mom & Dad

I wrote this up the day after my second trip, which was several months ago.

I wrote this up the day after my second trip, which was
several months ago. This was when the trip reports at the
Shroomery were down, and i forgot about it. I found it
recently, and decided to post it.

Holy shit. Yesterday was my first real trip. In between
5th and 7th period i took an 8th of gold-dust blue stemmed
shrooms with a bottle of orange juice in a stall in the
bathroom. It took about 20 minutes to take effect.

I was sitting in my 7th period World Studies class, waiting
for class to get out and suddenly it hit me. i slowed down
and started feeling great. the curtains flowed like liquid
and the wood panels above the chalk board started wiggling
and swishing back and forth. i knew this would be a
powerfull trip (last time i shroomed was about a month ago,
and i didnt even get a full half 8th. not much happend). my
teacher (a woman) looks like fuckin Geddy Lee so i was
trying not to burst out laughing. i walked outside and
started listening to an old primus tape and talked to my
friends. since two of my friends were going to shroom with
my but flaked out on me, i was going to do this alone.

me and my friends m. and jr waited in the parking lot to go
to jr's house for a practice. i was sure i wasnt going to be
able to play a fucking guitar in the state i would be in in
about 20 minutes. my mouth was incredibly dry. the school
parking lot was grey and green, everything was mellow earth
tones, nothing bright or flashy at all. a little
hallucinations were beginning. cars seemed drive off without
moving or anyone in them. jr looked like a huge lizard and
m. looked like a red skelleton. i knew the peak would be

we finally got picked up in my friends car and drove off to
jr's house. her black and white fuzzy "cow hide" seat covers
melted into each other and swirled around. i had trouble
getting out of the car.

as we walked onto his house, i sat down in a chair and
attempted to find a tape and put it in the boom box thing. i
sat back listening to some mr bungle while matt and jr
smoked. i kept asking m. (a more experianced tripper) for
something to drink, but he kept telling me it was my body
dealing with the chemicals and it would go away. things were
starting to get more and more intense. it was about 3, but
time was distorting heavily. frank and his girlfriend came
over and talked to me. i could tell i was tripping. words
made little to no sense. i would look at my watch every 20
seconds, and it would be either a minute later or half a
second later.

now is when i got lost inside myself. i started wandering
about the house spewing random slurred sentences about
santana, giant toads and waffle irons. i lay on jr's parents
bed and fell off the bed when his pet bird squacked at me. i
started getting more and more weird as the peak set in. the
only words i could make out was "you took too much mushrooms
man" from m. and jr (an auditory hallucination). i layed on
my stomach and talked to the cat for a while. time was all
out of whack. i wrapped guitar chords around me. i walked
around some more and fell over a couch. i sprayed water all
over jr's drum set. at some point i licked hand sanitizer. i
couldnt tell if this was a dream or what.
now all i could do was ask people when my mom was coming or
what time it was. they reminded me 7:00, and i was the one
with the watch. luckily i called her before when i could
speak to a point to tell her to pick me up at 7. it was
sometime between 5:30 and 6:16. i curled up on jr's bed in a
pile of blankets and sat there and suddenly yelled "STOP!!!"
just to see if i still existed. everyone looked at me. i
felt like a crazy old relative in a retirement home that
everyone is afraid of but has to calm down and visit every
once in a while. whenever i looked at my watch, it said 6:14
or 6:16. i was peaking like a motherfucker.

i sat down with m. biting a water bottle saying "no more
drugs for anybody. drugs are bad." soon, it was 7, and i had
to go meet my parents. as i walked outside to get in my dads
car, i prayed my pupils werent huge and that i could handle
myself. they said things that made no sense and freaked me
out, i was sure they knew what i was on.
i really wanted to go home and sleep, but of course we had
to go out for dinner that night. we went to the local taco
restaurant and i sat down with a bottle of Squirt. i was
still tripping HARD. My burrito was vibrating and the
weird-ass mexican music was incredibly weird. i got home and
went to bed. i wondered how i cam

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