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Peaceful bliss

My first time eating mushrooms was easily my favorite trip ever, including LSD trips.

My first time eating mushrooms was easily my favorite trip ever, including LSD trips. Basically, I had no idea from the start what it would be like, but I had an open mind. I don't recall much about the beginning, but the time around the peak was great. I was wearing loose jeans, a tight tank top, and a huge coat that was really warm and too big for me. When I peaked, I was sitting in the hallway of a suite in a dorm. I was feeling really mellow and watched the white walls pulse a little and kind of glow. It is impossible to describe how beautiful the walls and ceiling looked, I talked to my friends afterward and they hadn't noticed. Anyways, I basically didn't talk to anybody the whole night, but it wasn't a bad thing. I felt at that point that simple words would be meaningless and would distract me from the beauty of everything. I felt more calm than I ever had before. Anyways, my boyfriend came into the hallway and asked me if I wanted to go into the bathroom that was converted into a sauna and smoke some marijuana. I thought about this for awhile, and eventually decided to go in there, but not smoke. I took so long deciding (at least ten minutes) because I wanted to be certain I would be as peaceful and happy in there as I was in the hallway. I refused to remove the coat, though. It was like a tent, keeping me happy and warm. We were in the bathroom for a while, and after everyone left, I stayed in there and stared at the mirror for a half hour or so. On shrooms, I was easily the most beautiful person in the world. I felt like an absolute princess. It was awesome, I was glowing even. After that, we hiked up this hill and I climbed trees for awhile. The woods were fun. We were all starting to come down, so we went back to the dorms, ate some Vitamin C, which intensifies the trip. That wasn't why I ate it though and if anyone tries it, please just do it to enjoy the orangey taste. I simply could not get enough. Eventually we were all watching cartoons and such, which was a lot of fun. Waking up the next morning was a combination of feelings for me. I was at once still peaceful and happy, but I knew that the normal world would just not be as pleasant as that I had just left. That trip was truly a wonderful experience.

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