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peace and harmony

On saturday, me and two friends (sylvana and shirly) went to bye shrooms and then went to another friend (claudia) in a town we almost had never been and totally didnt know, where we would trip.

On saturday, me and two friends (sylvana and shirly) went to bye shrooms and then went to another friend (claudia) in a town we almost had never been and totally didnt know, where we would trip. Claudia didnt want to trip for some reason, but we went to her becouse we planned to go to a gothic party after the trip. After failing to find a way to make tea at someones home (a squat) we went to a restourant and ordert some tea to drink at the terrace and threw the shrooms in there. This was my first time i drank shroomtea (previeus trips I just ate them) and it was gross. This was also my first time tripping in public.
After we drank the tea I had to pay at the counter, the trip was already starting to kick in and I had to hold my self from laughing.

Then we went to a snack bar becouse Claudia wanted to get some food. Me and shirly waited at a table, and syl stayed with claudia. I was already seeing some weird shit, so did shirly. Some weird patterns on the table and floor, and even wavey stuff. We still were had to laugh a lot and the people in the snack bar were really looking weird at us. Eventually we went to sit out site couse we couldnt hold it. Finally claudia was done and we went to a bench in the middle of the street to sit there. I was feeling really funny (this lasted for almost the whole trip) and was talkin a lotta weird shit about the trip and stuff. It seemed as if there were patterns in everything. The way we sat (me and shrirly on one bench, and across from us syl and claudia in the same way mirrored. There was also a tree right in the middle before us and that just looked weird. I didnt had much visuals yet, only some unclear stuff, but then I looked at the sky and this was unbelieveble. The clouds were moving really weird repeatedly in 3d and several layers. After sitting there for almost eternity we finally went away to go to our final destantion, a park. But first we went to a super marked. On the way I constantly saw weird shit and funny patterns in the road and stuff and still was talking a lot, even about how nice it was to not talk. At some point we had to cross a road but we just forget how, and there was a car waiting for us to cross and after some thinking we finally did.

In the super marked, still laughing and feeling funny, we just followed claudia wondering what the hell we where doing. We where standing still for some time and me and shirly decided to get something to drink. Suprisingly I was still capeble of finding what I wanted, after a long search. At the counter I still was lauthing and I knew this was looking suspicious but I didnt care couse I was like, I feel great and you all dont, so youre the stupid ones. I had this feeling for a long time. Now we went further on the way to the park, and on our way we landed at childred playground and around this time my body felt like it could crash anytime. So I went to sit somewhere and look at the funky shit and played on the playing devices. Then we went on and after another few stops we finally arrived at a cool spot, another playing ground but now on a small field with some trees and stuff.
I went to it under a tree and layed down, closed my eyes and look at the nice 3dish patterns. After some time claudia left to dress for the party. We where left with the three of us and where having some weird conversations and I was thinking of weird stuff. Some turkisch dudes sitting away from us starded to play some turkisch guitar wich souned a bit like shalabi effect. and this was so relaxed. We had free live music and it was really nice.

It seemed as if the trip was coming to an end. Everything looked almost totally normal, except for some visual disortion, and my thoughts where also pretty normal. Except we felt unbelieveble happy and at peace and harmony with everything. I never felt so great and it seemed it lasted for eterety and I didnt even want it to end. Slowly everything changed in a weird way, and the trip was getting stronger again. Weird thoughts where coming up again and we where having weird conversations. But we still felt unbevelievebly happy at peace. We wanted to spend this way for eternety and I coulndt even imagine that it would change. Thinking of what would come next (after the trip) I just felt totally cool with it and thought everything in live was nice.

I understood everything, everything about the universe and live and stuff but I knew I coulnd put it in words.
BUt everything I sayd dind sound right, like the sentenes just didnt match my thoughts. This was really weird.
Everything was still changing slowly and I found out that everything was changing becouse the sun was going down. I starded to think about the earth rotating around the sun, and this was just the most stupid thought that came to my mind. I just laughed at the idea of it and was like 'yeah right'.

Everything just started to get crazyer in my mind but all things come to an end and claudia finally came back and we went back to the squat and on the way we were talking about the trip (while we were still tripping) but something just didnt feel right, all that where tripping agreed. This feeling lasted for a long time and it was as if we where in a totally different world or something.
The squat was like a hude mase and it seemed as if we were walkin in it forever. We finally arived at a bathroom and this was split it 2 with a wall with a window frame in it. We all thought the window frame was a mirror, and didnt get why we didnt see ourselfs in it so syl put her hand in it and found out that we could walk through it. We were like wow, how is this possible. I was still convinced it was a mirror and truly though I walked through it and came in a different world.
After this we went to make ourselfes ready for the party and waited on the stairs for someone and now I was totally feld like I was in the wrong world. The way syl and cloudia talked just didnt seem right to me and everything they sad was incorrect. As if they where the same person but with a different live or something. I totally didnt get it and assumed I had gone schizo or something and eventually just shut my mouth after some stupid comments.
Slowly I was comming down and realized what was going on and when we left i was pretty normal again.

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