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Bill and Ted

So it was the first time id done shrooms and i was a little nervous even after reading up about them, and knowing i was in safe hands.

So it was the first time id done shrooms and i was a little

nervous even after reading up about them, and knowing i was

in safe hands.It was me and a couple of freinds and at the

last minute my freind(liz)backed out,so it ended up just me and my other freind (jack) takeing them.While my liz begain to get stoned on weed instead,i asked how i should go into the trip feeling and was just told"go with the flow"(a kick ass tip)so i thought ...cool and i took fourty tiny mushrooms(not as much as it sounds they were small) and he took seventy five.My freind jack had done em before alot so was used to it but that was alot even by his standards,any way as the trip kicked in i spent ages just finding everything funny.I litarly felt sooooo happy and content,a feeling of warmth and love swam through my body.It came in in waves,it would be like id start to breath a few breaths before plunging down a drop on a roller coster and smile as it hit me again.I found it bizzare when i sobered up for a few minutes at a time.I went to the loo for a piss and spent nearly half an hour just looking into a mirror at my eyes,it was like i was haveing a coversation with my reflection but without words.When i went back in the programe we were watching had finished and we were watching ads and where as my stoned freind and her sober sister just sat through the ads me and my freind jack were on the same wave length as eachother and could tell eachothers thoughts,we were finding the same things on ads funny and haddent been paying attention to any one else,for some reason for about ten minutes we just burst at the same time into fits of tears with laughter at things not even funny!We listend to music and chilled,he put an old muffled record on and it sounded crystal clear when we had taken the shrooms.We didnt feel hungry like on weed no munchies which ruled and so we decided to watch a film rather than try cooking.We put bill and ted on but as the film was starting he muted it to tell me something and never put the volume back on.I was watching the film and time seemed to dissapear from five minutes in to the film to suddenly jumping to half way through!After watching the whole film with no volume i went on the internet and put some rock music on and this dryer line started head banging to the music!!!!!!bizzare!!!!!!!,me and my freind decided to test weed on shrooms and we smoked a quater of weed between us(mostly her) and i looked at the moon and tryed to tell her there was four moons round the moon...there wasnt in reality but there was for me.After the weed i chilled out and it was almost like the weed soberd me up,i stayed with jack for ages before 5am we decided to go to bed.I couldnt really sleep,the shrooms made me feel so awake and alert.I came out with a diffrent out look on life,weed sucks and shrooms are...shrooms..there an adventure...

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