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party at my house

it was a late summer evening and i had invited my best friend, kevin, to come up and stay the weekend with me.

it was a late summer evening and i had invited my best friend, kevin, to come up and stay the weekend with me. we decided that since my dad was out of town on his honeymoon, we should go get some drugs and have a small get together. so i called up some of my friends..."luke, get justin, chase, and john, kevin is over and were gunna party, call me in an hour, im going to my dealers house". so off i went, to my dealers house in butler.

i walk in and this huge cloud of weed smoke came rolling out of the appartment door into the hallway. "whats up d" i said to him. "nuthin much, matt, whats up with you?" he asked. "well, what do ya got?" "ive got bud, mushrooms, and these awesome gel tabs" he replied. well, i remember my first trip, it was off of a purple gel tab and it was HORRID! so i said "what the hell, hook me up with a half of mushrooms, and an 1/8 of your premo buds." ive never tripped off of mushrooms so i wasnt quite sure what to expect. so $100 and a few bong hits later, im on my way home. i walk in the door to find luke, john, justin, and chase sitting on my living room floor. theyre my closest friends so i figured what the hell are they gunna hurt "LETS PARTY!" i shouted.

so we all make out way back to my kitchen. "check what i got guys" i said to the group of party animals as i pulled out my bag-o-shrooms. everyone gazed at the bag in aw. "has anyone ever ate mushrooms?" i asked "no" "nope" "never". so i pop a cap into my mouth "rgh, these things are disgusting!" i said. but thst then i remember my sisters ex boyfriend talking about making mushroom tea, then eating the leftovers on a pizza.

so now were sitting in the livingroom, tea stooping in the kitchen, waiting for the pizza man to arrive. *ding dong* finally, the pizza was here. so i run up to the door and hand the guy his money and grab our pizza and the mtn dew, tip him generously, and then kinda shove him off. by this time our tea was kind of blueish in color. so i took the shroomies out of the tea, carefully position them on the pizza, and glance over to the bag to knotice that there was still 6 caps. i handed everyone theyre own cap. "ok guys, on the count of 3, pop the cap, drink the tea, and take a bite of the pizza!....1....2...3..pop!"

after we had eatin the pizza and drank all of our tea, we decided to smoke a few pipes and watch "half-baked". so i sit down and gaze at the television, it kinda started to wave, colors were bright and warm, and i felt no pain. "wow", i thought to myself,"i could live like this all the time!" before i knew it, the movie was over and all of my friends were passed out on the floor. "screw sleepin on the floor, i got a water bed upstairs!" as i crawled up the stairs, i couldnt help but to knotice the pattern on my carpet. it was something that i would NEVER knotice unless i was high as hell.

i finally made it up to my bedroom and got cozy on my water bed with some pink floyd on the radio. i could feel what roger watters was feeling. i felt like i was right there. i was living in a "dvd" world. it was awesome. so then i drifted off to a deep sleep.

i definately plan on shroomin in the near future!

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