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Parking Lot Hell

A friend of mine (Jim) and myself purchased an 1/8 of what I was told was pretty potent shrooms.

A friend of mine (Jim) and myself purchased an 1/8 of what I was told was pretty potent shrooms. After picking them up Jim, his girlfriend and I drove to a nearby parking lot to chill out and take them. This is our first time for both myself and Jim. Jim and I split the bag at around 8:15 PM. Shortly after washing them down, I'd say about 9:00, I started to feel a bit odd. Things seemed very choppy, time moved in frames, rather then a constant fluid like flow, like it does when your sober. Anyway, The three of us sat in our car in the parking lot, and at about 9:45 it started to hit my friend Jim hard. He was walking around outside the car, and kept repeating "I'm fraking out...shit man I'm fucking freaking out". He continued to wander around the car, holding his head and occasionally come back in the car to lay down and try and hold on to any bit of reality he still had recognition of. As for myself, I was still accelerating fast into my trip, and I started to feel a disconnection with reality. I had no control over my thoughts, little control over my thoughts and speech. Starting to worry a bit at this point, around 10:00 PM, I got very sweaty...sweat dripped down my chest and I removed my shirt. Jim meanwhile was still laying in the seat next to me moaning, while his girlfriend (who was sober) in the back seat was asking if he was OK. At this point I looked at my eyes in the mirror, and saw they were completely dialated. This is when the hell started. Seeing my eyes totally freaked me out. I kept thinking I was going to die from the shrooms, thinking they were laced or somthing of that nature. I continued to sweat, and wallow in my own misery, rocking back in forth in my seat, trying to tell myself I will be fine. But I was tripping so hard, As soon as I would tell myself that, I would be distracted by somthing else. I was unable to think clearly, and absolutly nothing made sence to me. I remember trying to count to 10, and being unable to do it. I continued to tell myself that as long as I can still see, I'm OK. That was the only thing I knew for sure during the whole trip. I was totally unable to function normally. Thoughts and images raced through my head and when Jim's girlfriend would talk to me, I would not respond or I would reply in a way that I was told made no sence. I do remember her saying that we were contradicting ourselvs left and right. During this whole time, thoughts of death or sever perminant impairment gripped me. As I tried to rationalize this situation, my state of mind was so fucked up I couldn't form the thoughts required to calm myself, let alone understand them. I could do nothing but sit there, sip water, and run the endless circle of random thoughts and impulsive body movments. Thankfully no one else came during this time, becuase I was so severly intoxicated. Eventually, around 12:45, I noticed waves of sobriety coming over me, slowly but surly. Thanking God the drug was subsiding, I continued to wait and pray I would return to normal. Jim was already much more down than I was at the time, and he tried to calm me even further, along with his girlfriend. By the time 1:00 AM came, I was more sober. I had at least one foot on solid ground, and I had regained the ability to hold a simple conversation. This was reassuring to me, and soon after that, Jim drove me home, where I fell asleep for about 8 hours. The next morning, I woke up with a sever headache. However I was very thankful I was still alive and I don't think I'll be going near mushrooms again.

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