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paradise x2

First, I'd like to defend myself by saing that English is'nt my native language, but I hope to be able to share the most amazing experience of my life anyway.

First, I'd like to defend myself by saing that English is'nt my native language, but I hope to be able to share the most amazing experience of my life anyway...
I've only used mushrooms once, and I doubt I'll do it again anytime soon. Way to intense to do often, and I doubt any experience could top the one I had - chances are I'd get dissappointed if I tried again. Whatever, here it goes:

The setting was perfect. Tropical island, bright sand, palm trees and an amazing coral reef. My travel buddy and I had spent about a week on the island, and pretty much all the locals were shrooming. My experience with drugs was the occational spliff, so it took me a while to decide to go tripping. A local supplied fresh mushrooms picked in the water buffalo paddy that very morning.
My friend and I went scuba diving before lunch. By far the best two dives of my life! Sea life like you wouldn't believe, super visability, the works. Needless to say, we were two very happy guys who got served mushroom omelett for lunch. The guy actually took us to his kitchen to show how he cooked them! Eggs, shrooms, some spices. I can honestly say that is was a decent meal. Then again, I was starving after the dives. He used ten shrooms for my omelett, and told me they would kick in after about half an hour. After lunch we started playing beach volley, and after about 45 minutes I still felt nothing. We had a great game going, and I didn't really care if the drugs had no effect on me. I was just in a really good mood.
Suddenly my body started to tingle and the volleyball net was looking really funky. I decided to retreat to my shady oceanview hammock and analyze the situation. I got there just in time. My hut was made of some grassy material that started to spiral and curve. Sort of waving and breathing. I experienced hightened senses - everything sounded louder, smelled better, felt different to touch and so on. Most noticable was the visuals. Shapes warped and curved, the sky was purple and the world was smiling at me. I have absoutely no clue for how long this went on (you don't need a watch in paradise), but eventually the universe at least stopped moving. My friend and I ate some watermelon. Never tasted something so sweet and juicy!
Unlike a weed high, this was pure euphoria. I felt like snorkeling. Before I knew it, I was in the water. What a feeling! It felt like the ocean enclosed my body with warm wetness. I was suspended above a coral reef with thousands of brightly colored fish everywhere. On mushrooms. You imagine!
I got out of the water at sunset. The world was on fire. Everything so vivid and clear. I had a great dinner and felt incredibly happy. I felt like singing, so I sang. The weird thing is that I could remember lyrics to songs I never thought I knew. I sang for a while. Shouting also felt really good, so I did that. I felt strong, so I ran on the beach in the moonlight shouting "whooooooooa!". There was noone there except for my friend, who was also screaming. "Whoooooa, whooooooooooooa" - it felt so good to shout! I also made sculptures in the sand. It's odd, I could "see" the shape in the wet sand. All I had to do was to remove the material covering it, and the shape would just be there. I made some really cool pattern, mostly faces and a huge unicorn. I didn't know I could sculpt, but I did!
Later I sat down with some of the locals by the bonfire. They gave me some weed to help me come down. I was so speedy I guess they were worried about me. All together I was high as a kite for about ten hours. The day after I felt drained but very happy.
I always thought that mind expansion through drugs was bullshit, but it happened to me. An amazing experience:)

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