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panic moments

Hi folks, here is a report of my 3rd trip.

Hi folks, here is a report of my 3rd trip. it was a nice day with no clouds and the teperature was 30°c. but we did it in my bedroom. so the weather doesnt matter.
my freunds Robby (experienced with coke 'N speed, Hashis 'N weed. and a bit of LSD)and Vincent (experienced in LOTS of Weed, a 3 times shrooms and he's a gargoyles skinny assfreak)!). well. start report:

We ate them each 25 grams of fresh thailand mushrooms.
some 20 minutes later we felt a bit weird inside our brains.
then the trip slowly comes up the hill and he hits us.
we first felt relax and there were no problems. we watched TV, listened musick like Sweet Noise, Topon Das and all kind of trippy music.
we had to laught a lot because we all had some hallicunations on each heads of us.
We deceided to smoke some weed because we had enought weed to feel comfortabler then we were allready.
each smoked 1 joint and the trip became extremer...
sometimes there was panic or we dont understand what there is saying in the room. sometimes extreme laughtkixcks.
We were smoking as hell and on 1 moment everything became crazy for me.
I only could look forward to the TV but i didnt know whats on tv.
i was thinking and nothing else could care.
i remember everything became spacy as if we were in space.
the walls were black with some green spots and my floor was like a moonlandscape.
My freunds Robby & Vincent said I was screaming that there was a yellow bird in my room and i wanted to throw the bird out of my room. but i dont know nothing about it anymore.
I woke up, it looks like i was away from my body, and i saw my freunds sitting in my room and i saw it was 1.00pm and then slowly i woke up till 3.00pm.
thats when i smoked another fat joint, and then i felt 'Nsleep.

Adios Amigos, Tommy J.

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