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Palm Trees

One of my friends convinced me to try mushrooms and said it was utterly amazing.

One of my friends convinced me to try mushrooms and said it was utterly amazing. Since he could describe the feeling I decided to investigate myself. Each of us ate alittle over a 1/2 of a 1/8. I wanted to watch a movie which would be relaxing yet entertaining with visuals...so we chose the newest Harry Potter movie. About 45 minutes after injesting, both of my friends started, where I soon followed. I was normal one second, then the next I looked up and a indescribable glow came from the TV. I then looked over at my friend and he was being eaten by a palm tree that my friend had in his house. In reality, trees breathed and shadows danced almost like there was disney's fantasia in his living room. On the TV, colors were brilliant and beautiful. Time seemed to stop. Even though the movie lasted only 2 hours...it was if it lasted a entire day. His small room became huge...it seemed almost 3 times its normal size. The floor, normally carpet, what I only can describe as blue energy. I kind of freaked out a few times, but nothing to bad. Towards the end of my experience, I could feel my balls, even though they iched. Even thought I couldn't feel them, I could see them. What is evem more weird about it though is that I could feel them on my kneecap. Other neat stuff happened but nothing too nuts. It was an awesome experience, but I did feel much dumber the next day. I will definitley do this in the future, but won't make a habit of it.

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