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Oz and Floyd

Me and my friends had been smoking bud pretty much all day and just chilling.

Me and my friends had been smoking bud pretty much all day and just chilling. Some other guys came over with an Oz. of boomers and i was like "fuck!" because I had never tried them before. So I bought an eighth (a few caps and stems, but mostly shake) and we all ate them. I ate them really fast.

So we rode around, smoking a few more bowls, and getting munchies for like another forty minutes or so, and I was feeling no effect from the shrooms yet. We got back to my friend's house and another guy was there with some more boomers, so me and another friend split another eighth.

Someone suggested watching the Wizard of Oz and listening to Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon, at the same time. I had done this before after smoking a few bowls, and noticed the odd and eiry coincidences between the music and the movie, but now I had ate an eighth and a half of shrooms and smoked like close to ten bowls total between the six of us. The movie started and i was instantly freaked out, we just started them at the same time, (the movie and the cd). Even though that's not where you're usually supposed to start it for the best results it started freakin' me out. In the begginning when it's black and white it was okay, but when it suddenly turned to color it freaked me out for real, the backgrounds seemed alive, they were moving and with no sound on the movie the music replaced the dialogue, in some spots the people's lips moved perfectly to words in the music which really tripped me out.

Along with the fucked up movie I was worried greatly about starting college, so the overall trip was bad...i just wanted to go to sleep and wake up and it would be all better. It was really cool though at certain points, because a million thoughts, even things I hadn't remembered since I was a little kid raced through my mind all at once.

I would say that I will do them again, I'll just have to be happier going into the trip, becuase all it actually does is amplify your emotions more, ie..if you're sad, you'll be sadder...if you're worried, you'll be more worried.

Peace out

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