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Last Friday my roommate and i both ate about 3 grams of some pretty damn good shrooms.

Last Friday my roommate and i both ate about 3 grams of some pretty damn good shrooms. As soon as we ate them, we decided to go downstairs to play some guitar. After about twenty minutes, i saw some of the objects in my roommate's closet begin to swirl around. I knew then our trip was going to be pretty strong since we had only eaten them a short time before. My friend told me he was feeling very heavy. I suggested we go upstairs to our front porch for a cigaret. We walked out into our downstairs living room and immediately stopped and stared. On the wall is a giant poster of Bob Marley. The poster moved as if it were alive. Bob's dreadlocks floated out of the poster and his clothes moved as if there was a breeze flowing through the room. I began to stare at the background of the poster, and i started to look into the picture. Suddenly, deep inside the picture a pattern of letters exploded and then faded back into the picture. After examining the poster for a little while longer, we decided to go see what cool stuff we would see outside. After arriving outside, the world was a strange place. In the street, there were thick dark vines crawling across the street and moving gently. Anything we looked at long enough to focus began to warp and move. We decided to go walk around our neighborhood. We started walking down the alley behind our house. Not long after we started walking, my friend suddenly stopped walking and looked very confused. He then explained to me that he felt as if he had just been struck by lightning. We pondered this for a little while and then continued on our journey. At the end of the alley is a larg wooden shed. I peered into it and was amazed at what i saw. I could make out many people sitting inside the side of the shed. The people were made of shadows but they had a definite clear form. It looked as if these people were sitting there staring back at me. This scared me a little but we just moved on to look at some other stuff. Around the corner, we found a large pile of dirt that was being used in the construction of a nearby house. When i looked down at the dirt pile, i could see faces everywhere! Every inch of the pile examined formed into a face. After staring at the pile of dirt for a while, we began walking again. Shortly thereafter we ran into our neighbors who were coming home from the bars. They wanted us to come inside with them, but we had better things to do. My roommate told one of the annoying girls that she was drunk and her hair was moving, both statements being true. After that we decided to walk to one of our friends houses who had also eaten shrooms that night. His house was about eight blocks away, yet it took us nearly an hour to get there. Stopping to look at shadows and trees took quite a while. Not to mention that we seemed able to walk at a maximum speed of approximately 1/2 a mile per hour. Every tree i examined on the way over had faces hiding in it. When we got to our friends house, we looked at the tree in his front yard. It looked like it was made out of people. The bark of the tree was gone and you could see the structure of peoples' torsos with their arms raised up that branched out on and on... After a thorough examination of the tree, we went inside and played guitar, listened to music and just chilled out, it had been a long journey.

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