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Big time giggles.

Man on man, man me and my homies-g's ate up on some p.

Man on man, man me and my homies-g's ate up on some p.c mushrooms and then we hit the pool hall. Man i missed all my shots and then we started to feel the shit hit the fan. Can i say shit? Anyways the balls all started to dance on the table at one point i shot the cue ball at a fake solid. I was playing solids. Then we all started laughing our asses off at how stupid we were all playing. We started getting loud and banging on the felt of the pool tables with the pool cues. The manager asked us to leave and i told him he looked like bozo the clown with his pool get up on and all, i was peaking to me he did, and he took that reply as an insalt so he got all up in my face and put 8-balls up my ass crack. Later on after the peak was over i took a dumb and got the 8-balls back i proceded to drive to the pool hall and throw them threw it's windows late at night. Dude it was a trip and a half.

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