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Out of the blue

I had been on intense mushroom trips on several occasions previously but alot of my friends were still desperate for their first trip.

I had been on intense mushroom trips on several occasions previously but alot of my friends were still desperate for their first trip.
This particular time was completely unexpected. We had been having a heavy smoking session at a friends house the night before and woke up feeling rather worse for ware.
We had all experimented with shrooms in the past and were the others were eager to experience the joys of an intense trip.
We went over to our dealers house intending to pick up some weed, but he was out, he did how ever have a bad of rather potent looking mushrooms. mushrooms are very hard to come by where we are from and they were cheap (£15 for 20g of dried) so we decided to buy them, despite being shot away and glazed from the night before.
We ate a few on the way back to my friends house, once we arrived back we were all feeling a little bit different. not phased, just tense and excited.
As i had used large amounts of several previous occasion i knew to be careful and not to under estimate their power.
despite my warnings, my friends seemed to think that the best way to get the best effects was just to eat their way through around 5-6 grams each, and these are small built SERIOUSLY skinny guys.
after an hour or so we all began laughing uncontrollably, it would come in waves, a minute of side splitting hysterics, followed by 20 seconds of silence and glances about the room, then back on the laughing. it was the kind of laughing that completely knocks you out and stops anything else you try to do, i remember one of my friends trying to smoke a cigarette but not being able to close his mouth to toke it due to his five mile smile.
We got a phone call from another one of our hedonist mates. he came up quickly when he herd our antics and quickly ate the remains of our bag. shorty after he came the mood changed. not drastically, but the laughter was gone and was replaced by a state of amazement and childish humor. rolling around on the floor and exploring the textures of the objects around us.
then, out of the blue, a big group of our other mates turned up, they were not on any drugs at the time but were avid drug users, and so took great amusement in watching us act in this way.
i remember sitting next to one of my friends on a sofa and finding myself getting closer and closer to his shoes, captivated by the patterns in the creases in the leather.
i went into the bathroom and looked into the toilet, it seemed to stretch on for miles.
My body felt very flexible and i was convinced i could reach places on the other side of the room without leaving my seat. one of my friends was obviously experiencing a similar feeling as we were sitting side by side both reaching our arms out into the air and grabbing for imaginary objects. another one of my friends was constantly asking what things were, not important things, just random objects and creatures, with the hope of gaining some deeper meaning to their existence. someone else was rolling around on their back, making all sorts of noises. if someone in a state of authority had been present on that day, i guarantee we would all have been sectioned.
the it turned bad, for a few people anyway. one of the lads puked up badly on the patio out the back. and the owner of the house was in no state to be dealing with this. he was wandering round, red faced asking everyone, who he was, where he was, and what he was doing. these two by the way were the two who had ignored my advice about going easy on them.
my friend who's house it was really needed to go to sleep and get out of the state he was. so the rest of us left.
for about half an hour my friend debated whether or not to ride his motorbike, he was the one rolling on the floor making noises, so eventually we convinced him not to and he lent it to one of the sober guys.
we went up to the bus stop, and the guy who had puked, puked again, it was the funniest vomit i have ever seen, he stood completely straight upright, didn't change his expression, didn't even take his hands out of his pockets. then this stream of Grey puke came out of his mouth and landed on the pavement in front of him.
the bus finally came and we got on, i swear to god we were on that bus for hours. i kept thinking i saw villages going past the windows, but the bus route goes straight down the dual carriage way and passes 1 house before it reaches the city. we finally got off the bus, it was clear to see my vomit mate was in a seriously bad way, he could hardly speak and looked like he was on the most savage mdma come down ever.
we walked past a friends house, he ran up to the door and tried to open it and started banging on it, he seemed desperate to get in for some reason. he found his was home, a we herd from him later that he had thought he'd died. god only knows what his parents must have thought when he came in acting and looking like that.
the rest of the group went back to another mates house and we got some weed, it was the seriously hairy type and looking at it was tripping me out hard. from there on it was a slow and gentle come down, the kind that tricks you into thinking that your sober until you realize that you friends body has just grown about a foot in between his shoulders and his waist. we smoked some weed and calmed down. we got a phone call a little while later from our friend who's house we'd been at. he was asking us if we had been with him and what he had been doing all day. he had apparently gone to sleep and dreamed that he had died, then woken up and still thought he was dead, and spent the rest of the day half way between being awake and asleep tripping his balls off and trying to determine whether he was alive or dead. then apparently that night he went off to our dealers house, did some more shrooms and some ketamine... what can i say, there's no stopping some people.

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