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Otaku Land

First of all I would like to say that I am not a normal user.

First of all I would like to say that I am not a normal user. I would fight all the advances that my friends tried to get me to use anything. I tried pot, but did not get the affect that I wanted in anything. So I have had very little to go on when I tried shrooms. I have only goten stoned two times before.... so let the story begin.

After aquiring 1/8 of Moo Goo I waited for a while. Geting some info of this site. Then my darlings came over bringing their 1/8. So we divided it evenly. Then ingestion!!


This was new to me. I knew it would take a while but I still felt normal. Then there was a fealing that forced me to look around at each side seing if there was anyone looking at me. Then after 20 min. I had what I will call a sound orgasam.

A energy field that sorounded me for a 10 foot radius. I Felt/Heard it. Then it came crashing down on me and inside of my body. Taking me out of the reality that I have been so acoustemed too. "Was that an Orgasam?" one of the darlings said. That is when I knew that this was a fun time waiting to hapen. So off with the TV on with the music and watching the posters....

First it was Crystal Method. It make my posters pixelate and fractal and everything. Breathing. Plasma Smears. Chi and Ki formation. God was it cool. But there was no symetry. You see my posters are of Anime characters. They were giving of visuals but not conected in any way.... Until one of my anime CD started. Sudenly all of the characters were dancing and singing. I had mecha fighting one another. And it was a good trip.

There were some more Sound Orgasams and other visuals. The only link to reality was the TV. Without it on the world would melt. Then I started to walk around. Mistake!!

Someone took my room, that was all square and with corners, and fitted perfictaly. And make it into a lego reation that was melted away and manualy formed into a unstable mater. And it was very hard to walk around. It took me 10 to get to my kitchen and get somthing to drink and get back. It was literly only 6 feet away (My house is very small!)

<Insert more Standard tripping stuff>

The last great visual I had was closing my eyes and I was in Otaku Land where all anime characters were in a disney land setting. I even got to ride in the eva plug and control unit 01.

Then I started to go down... Such a sad thing realy. For those of you who watch Neon Genesis it was my AT field returning and blocking out my minds eye. Normaly was able to break through. But was it fun.

One thing that I have to say is that all of this was in the good of fun. I don't believe that this will show the true light and I will know the truth. So if your are doing Shrooms to find god. He is only in your mind. But you want to go to an Otaku Land (Or any tipe of land for that mater) You can my your tickets in the comfort of your house.

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