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Orange Tribal People

I ate approximately an 1/8th ounce of mushrooms in my room, and drank some water afterwords.

I ate approximately an 1/8th ounce of mushrooms in my room, and drank some water afterwords. I was meeting my sister at a local park (she's "banned" from our house), so I took some bread and cheese with me when I walked to it. I felt kindof nauseous and shaky while walking. The usual "sortof high" feeling started coming on, as I sat on the grass and waited. My sister was late, so I decided I need some water. I went over to the pavalion at the park, to use the drinking fountain, and there were two weird nine inch nail kids. ("hessians" or "gothics"). We greeted one another, and I asked what they were doing just sitting there in the pavalion, and he said, "Talking about fry."

This is when the trip started taking affect. I began thinking about Jung's theory of synchrnonicity, and how evident it was right now. The kid continued, "Do you like fry?" I said, "Indeed I do. I just ate some mushrooms as a matter of fact." He said he was coming down off some acid, and he was very shaky and psycho. He then said "Want to see these tribal people?", and he bought out 3 orange tribal guys, about a half inch tall. I was delighted to see such figurines. He said he had found each of them in seperate places, around the valley. I wanted to take them, but I realized they were his, and not mine. He told me their name, but I forgot it, but he did say the name stood for "Devil People".

Then my sister arrived, so I got in her station wagon and left. I told her about the tribal people, and she didn't believe me and thought that I hallucinated the whole thing. We went back to her house, and sat in her room. She was watching something on TV, but I was watching my hand. Things everywhere were starting to move and sway. If I would quickly open up my hand, it looked new and clean. Then slowly it would deteriorate and melt. I was intrigued. I got bored in her room, and decided to into the living room. Her dog was sitting on the couch, acting very apprehensive. I picked up my guitar and started playing alot of harmonic acsending minor scales, like egyptian modes and stuff. The music perfectly described the situation at the time, as it was totally silent, except the weird noises you hear when you trip. I looked at the ceiling and it was moving like soup into weird patterns. I decided to go outside, as her backyard was a big field with lots of weeds. I went on a walk through the field, and noticed that all the plants showed undeniable similarities to fractal images. The plants themselves, and they plants as a group. One red plant, that was completely symetric in a circle was especially fractal-like. Then I noticed the plants surrounding it fit into almost the same pattern. I walked around the field more, thinking critically of society.

I went back inside, and my sister was watching the Wall. Usually I like this movie, and relate to it, but today I just started laughing. I thought to myself, "Who does this guy think he is? What a bitch. Just sitting in his chair moping and whining. Throwing a fucking fit." I thought it was funny. Then I watched my sister watch the TV, completely absorbed in it. Her face was covered with weird key-shaped designs that were constantly moving. I decided to go home.

So I got home, and tried to read out of this wilderness survival book I have, but it took a really long time to read, although I did grasp every concept. It was just weird because I would think deeply into all the situations. Imagining what it'd be like if I were stranded in the desert, and the like. I slowly came out of the feeling, and went to sleep.

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