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High Mountain Compost
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Opportunity of a Lifetime

Dose: 2.

Dose: 2.6g each of ground shrooms (type unknown)
Setting: Nature. An isolated lake in the middle of nowhere with surrounding woods and swamp lands
me and my buddy which we will call Bob chewed up our shrooms about 10 minutes before arriving to our tripping lake which we are very familiar with since we go there often. I'm an experienced tripper but it would be my first time with shrooms, Bob is the experienced shroomer. I'll tell you the come up was faster than i thought. 20 min after eating intense body high and feelings of lazyiness when we got there i was already feeling "peculiar", Bob was still chillin. whatever ill get to the point
Mental state--
when the peak came about oh man i could not function i was going in and out of intense sleepiness that would turn into an onslought of energy-this happened throughout the peak and plateu. everyday tasks like opening a bottle of water would take me like 50 times longer than usual since i couldnt figure out how to i just couldnt open the bottle! Bob would look at me and just be saying things like "good luck getting accomplishing that" I couldnt not comprehend or do anything throughout the whole trip
Visuals --
where do i start I couldnt focus on anything it all was just one giant blur Bob was in another planet staring at rocks and leaves for like 10 minutes at a time He kept saying "if you just look at one thing you enter a whole new world" I didnt even know what a world was at that point but then i discovered the clouds. oh the clouds! They looked like profiles of heads like on a coin just floating past eachother. Giant head profiles foating in the sky-nuts! this was about when the lake looked like the "neverending abyss" the ripples when we would touch the water looked so beautiful ok bla bla bla o yeah sounds i would be hearing these crazy deep sounds like if they were coming from inside of me then I figured it was my conscience so i didnt even worry about it on to the opportunity of a lifetime
The women who appeared--
I was chilling no not really i was out of it and bob was off exploring the lake when a truck pulled up really slowly this was freakin me out so when bob noticed he came back hmm what was in the truck two women yep yep yep what happened one of them got out just as bob got back i was flippin i didnt know what to do SHE WAS HOT!!!! she says in a lovely european accent "have you seen any crocodiles?" and we are like "uhh ohh eeh" finally bob says,in true dumb and dumber fashion, "not recently but they are out here" and the girl stands there staring at us for a little while then looks over at her friend and they give a nod of approvel to eachother and im like these girls are looking for some action but me and bob were so out of it that we didnt say anything else just stared at them in disbelief so the girls were lookin at us like "..hello talk to us lets get this started" but after they were there for like a minute with no response from us the hottie got back in the truck and they took off. This was insane because if we had had a hold of ourselve we wouldve jumped on this opportunity it was like a porn waiting to happen but we missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime ahh we had to shroom on the day some curious european hotties came to our lake to look for "crocodiles". basically the rest of the trip was thinking about what just couldve happened
~in conclusion the trip was the only thing that was hard and fast

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