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Opening of my mind

It was a friday and i had two 8ths(1/4) and this was my second time shroomin.

It was a friday and i had two 8ths(1/4) and this was my second time shroomin. The first time my trip wasnt that good because i didnt have the full full 8th and the caps werent good. But this time these caps were sick, the stems were blue. I was on my way to meet up with some friends at a pizza place so i bought a slice and put my 8th on it and at it at a creek when all of my friends were getting crunked up drinkin and shit... I wanted to smoke really bad this time on them and as i ate my 8th to the head i waited like a hour in to smoke. I took one hit on them and it got my trip so much nicer, i had the happy feeling my mind was begging to open. Later we all went to nathans were i was playing marvel vs capcom(the game was so much fun) and my friend throws up all over the place it was sooo funny...I was feelin the trip so after that i went home and just started listening to jimi and the doors. The shrooms put a honest smile on my face as i was so happy. I was having my eyes closed as the music went into my head and everything was so bright in my basement, loved it, pupils were big my computer desk was morphin as the beat got harder, but it didnt matter to me that i didnt see a snake or a leaprocon talk to me i realised i had something better myself, i realised that i could open my mind and do things so much better in life. The high feelin of the trip was like no other i connected with myself and it felt as if this was the honest feeling. I understood things and looked at them differently as i went into the backyard and looked at the sky, everytime i blinked one cloud would go slower and when i blinked really fast the clouds would go faster. I don't really smile alot because im not a open minded kid but i had the real deal and nowadays i can smile because i found the inner man i am. The one hit helped my trip aloott it relaxed me and helped my mind open the part of the brain that has all the talent and knowledge. If i could i would shroom out all my friends and connect with them because this experience was the illest.

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