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One With Nature

I took the mushrooms in the form of powder, I had about 3/4 of a teaspoon around 6:30 pm.

I took the mushrooms in the form of powder, I had about 3/4 of a teaspoon around 6:30 pm. About a half 'n hour later I started to get a tingling sensation throughout my body, and my head was feeling pretty light. Around 7:30pm I saw my first visual effect, I was sitting at my computer and my monitor swiveled back and forth just once. After that nothing happened for a while so I decided that I needed more mushrooms (which I eventually realized that I did'nt need any more) so I doubled it by taking another 3/4 teaspoon. After I mixed the powder with some lemonade and gulped it down, the effects from the first dosage started to kick in. I was sitting at my computer again and it felt as if I had dropped 3 feet (pretty much the same feeling as if your in a car and theres a dip in the road, makes your stomach drop) and then my monitor turned horizontal. My cat Pleiadian was sitting on my computer table and I could sense she was wanting to tell me something, she was changing colors before my eyes and her face somewhat changed, kinda resembled an alien. I put my face close to her and she started to lick the top of my nose, and afterwards for like 20 mins, her saliva where she had licked me was glowing. I turned around to stand up and my apt seemed so different, nothing was really distorted but the lights were creating a red hue color. For some reason it felt as if I was back in the 60's, since the way that my apt looked to me. I went into the bathroom, my toilet appeared to be around 1 foot from the floor, so I felt pretty tall. As I was getting ready to leave my bathroom I caught my reflection in the mirror and I couldnt stop staring at myself. My eyes had no color to them, they were completely black, I must've stood there looking in the mirror for like 20 mins.

I went on my back porch and I stood in awe of my surroundings, everything was vibrating with aliveness. The trees, bushes, the cars parked in the parking lot all had a crystalized look to them. I saw colored lights chasing one another on the ground zipping all over the place. As cars passed along the road they were leaving a trail of light behind them. I felt as if the Earth and myself were one. All of my senses were completely acute, I could even hear people talking from the next block over. I phoned my buddy Jeff and was talking with him for awhile, and I was insistent for him to put his wife on the phone. It was quite odd, I really felt bad for every negative thing i've ever done to the planet, and to everyone i've ever upset before. I've done a few things to his wife in the past that has angered her somewhat (nothing major, at least in my opinion) but I felt a strong urge to apologize to her. Jeff finally put her on the phone, I spoke with her for a few seconds and I could sense that she had a weird look on her face, as if she did'nt know what to make of it, she was'nt in the greatest of moods either. Around 11:30pm I could feel that I was comming down. I was sitting on my couch with my eyes shut and watching a laser light show, but with patterns. That soon turned into kinda like a dream state, I was watching my dream from a third person point of view (as in I was'nt in the dream myself, just watching others) but yet I could still hear everything around me. Then around 1am I switched over to my bed and didnt have any problems sleeping, although I was still seeing some pretty amazing things. I've heard alot of horror stories about people taking mushrooms and having bad experiences, I think it has alot to do with the attitude you have while going into it. For myself, I was'nt thinking that in a few hours that I was gonna be totally wasted. I went into thinking what is it that I can learn from taking some of Mother Earths gifts that she has provided for us to enhance our way of thinking, and I recieved exactly what I was desiring!

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