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One Random Night...

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...So today is Saturday, September 29th, 2006. Yesterday, Friday night,I had the greatest experience of my life. It all started last Tuesday when I asked some kid if he could get me shrooms. He replied "Dude, I could get you Acid if you needed it." That may not amaze you but around here in this small ass town Acid is probably impossible to come by. So anyway he said he'd get me the shrooms, I was doing it with 4 friends of mine and we planed to do it on this coming Monday. So ill skip a bunch of shit and now lets go to yesterday Friday, September 28th, 2006! After school I had 40 dollars and I met the kid and got my eighth. I was so exited but I had to keep it till Monday. Whatever I thought. SO the rest of my friends didn't have the money just yet, we had to go to my friends house and work our asses off for 2 hours to get payed. Crazy times. So ok we called the kid back and met him in the center of town where he gave everyone els there bag. On my way to the center we all agreed that we could wait till Monday and gave into temptation. We were going to do them today!!! I started eating mine and then everyone els got theres and eat them except for 1 friend who really couldn't that day. Hes gonna do them on Monday. So it was just 3 of us until I decided to give some of mine to my other friend. He didn't pay but I dont care I just wanted him to have fun. AND HE DID.

Hers were the shit begins...

It had been a half hour and I was feelin it. now keep in mind I have done shroom twice before, the first time I didn't get shit, the second time (witch was recently about a 2 weeks ago) I did trip. But not like this shit. In the beginning it was the same as the first trip and I had deja vu. I had this for like 10 minuets until I felt something I new wasn't like before. All of the sudden my mind just separated from my fuckin body. I was scared for a bit but my friend (he wasn't one of the ones trippin) who I did it with the first time (he also had a level 5 trip that time) told me to shut the fuck up and it will all be cool. Ok so I got over it preitty easily. So for the next hour Me and my 2 other friends (the third kid claims he did not trip) were just retarted. It was hysterical. Then the night came, my trip seemed to be over. I was pissed. I wanted it all back but it seemed like I just lost it all. We were chillin in the center when all of the sudden I just noticed across the street looked so fuckin far. Wow I thought. It was BACKK. And this was my peack.We all had our peeks and just wondered around all the back roads of the center. I saw the trippyest patterns. I loved it and I laughed at how I was afraid of it at first. I just didn't know were it was gonna go and that why I was so scared. While walking down the street we were talkin to each other and havin so much fun. We were like Philosophers too. just talking about all the truth in the world that we just realized. I enjoyed it man. Then a bit after that we just realized...WE HAD BEEN WALKING DOWN THE SAME STREET FOREVER! WTF? We just all got on the ground and laughed. We eventually came to the elementary school and there were these paintings in the window of people. There looked alive and they were dancing. Haha. Finlay we walked more and just lay ed at the ground and looked at the stars. I fucking made up my own constellations. It was great. Then I closed my eyes for like 10 second and opened them and all of the sudden the sky was objectified. I felt like it was right there with me. That was the greatest time of my life. Well that basically it I don't want to carry on anymore then I already did haha. I just gatta say I love shrooms and next time I'm Eaton more then just an eigth. I may even eat a whole fuckin quarter!

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