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One of my best trips

I have done shrooms many times and have had some great experiences (and one kinda bad).

I have done shrooms many times and have had some great experiences (and one kinda bad). I discovered the true power of shrooms this summer after I really tripped out hard and have been bery interested in them ever since. I'd probably done shrooms at least ten times before but had more or less really funny, happy trips with few visuals or hallucinations of any type. After the summer, when I experienced these things, I knew I had to see them again. Last weekend I split 6 grams with my girlfrind and had a great time with some cool visuals. So last night I called up a buddy and we did 5 grams each and my girlfriend did 3. I mix the shrooms with OJ and some fruit and some 500mg vitamin C tabs and put all in this super cool blender that reduces everything to practically mist...Ten minutes after drinking this concoction we were starting to trip...I was uncomfortable at first because it was so intense...but then I began to really enjoy it. I saw the craziest visuals...everything was moving and twisting and bending...and my buddy and chick looked like they were vibrating really fast...We watched the Simpsons and then Dazed and Confused and then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...We were all on the same couch and we all said how comfortable and safe the couch felt...We had control over our new powers while on the couch. When we had to get up (which was only to use the bathroom) the flood of sensations was overwhelming...the bathroom was so incredibly stimulating we each had crazy experiences in there every time we went in. Everything seemed so interesting and amazing I never wanted to return to a normal state. And today I feel great even though I had only 3 hours sleep...I plan to do them again very soon and try an even larger dose...but this time I want to be outside in the woods or something...

Happy Tripping!!

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