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Best Trip Ever

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Well, one Saturday night, after a day of drinking in Mexico, me and my girlfriend decided to get some shrooms from a friend. We had talked to him earlier that day and he said he had a lot of mushrooms. They were $12 a gram!!! I went ahead and bought 4 grams for me and my gf. Anyway we had a VERY heavy dinner that night, 16 oz. steak and baked potato. About and hour and half after that we decided to take our mushrooms, but my friend called me and asked if i could get him some. I said yeah, how much, he just wanted one gram. So i proceeded to go get him the gram and we met at his apt. Well, me my gf and my friend have taken peyote together before and it was a weird, "bad" trip i guess. We didn't have communication and i feel like we left him alone at a wrong time. Anyway......we ate the mushrooms, (not bad at all) I heard people saying they taste like shit, but it was NOTHING compared to peyote. So they went down easy and we just waited. After about 15 min. we smoked a couple joints in my friend's room. I started feeling the mushrooms, started to feel a bit cold and kinda laughy. I was seeing things move in my peripheral vision and everything. So we decided to go for a walk outside and smoke a cigarette. The apt. building seemed to bend towards us as we walked down what seemed to be rows and rows of apts. We got to the street where i could see the sky and i looked up at the stars.... They were beautiful like never before. I focused my attention on the big dipper and it just started doodling away, taking off higher and higher. I started laughing and brought my head down. The visuals were very nice but kinda scary, meaning, I had never had visuals before, I've done acid once, peyote once and never seen any significant open eye visuals, so it was cool but still kinda freaky. I noticed when we got back to the apt. that i started feeling queezy, so i went inside a puked.... A LOT!!! Finally after i finished i went out and felt so much better. We planned to take off to my chick's house so we took off and on the way, my friend wanted a "HAAMMMMMburger" from Jack in the Box. I pulled over cause i had to puke, and did, and my friend took over driving.
Anyway, we were waiting in line listening to mushroom jazz3 and i kinda went into a trance listening to the music and started feeling REAL sweaty and cold and hot so i thought i'd go inside and maybe puke so i got out, went in, THAT's when shit started getting WEIRD!!! I hauled ass to the bathroom and went straight for the toilet. When i leaned over to puke and tried, nothing came out, but WHOA..... Everything just turned WHITE and the music in the bathroom was kind of muted, like if somebody's hands were on my ears. I got up and everything was normal. I looked in the mirror and started seeing things melt behind me so i took off back to the car. We then took off to my chick's house. When we got there in her room everybody has complained to be hot and i was COLD. I took off my sweaty shirt and put on some socks and a sweater and it was like new life. I sprung to my feet happy as a schoolboy and we had the best trip i've EVER had. We all sat around listening to Bob Marley and other chill out music and laughed so much, jumped on the bed, stared at blacklight posters and wandered around having fun. After that I fell in love with mushrooms and have been wanting to trip again SOOO bad. Advice to first-timers, don't eat at least 4 hours before and do it with good friends in an environment where you can bust out laughing for nothing and nobody will care.

Happy shroomin!!

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