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One Intense Night

10:30 - Me and a friend (we'll call him A) of mine were over at a party and we happen to see another friend (we'll call him B).

10:30 - Me and a friend (we'll call him A) of mine were over at a party and we happen to see another friend (we'll call him B). We had been looking for "B" all day so he could sell us an 8th of some ganja, but as it turned out he had an 8th of shrooms he was selling for $15 so i jumped on the deal.

11:00 - We just got back from the party and i had just started on my shrooms. They were some powdered shrooms and i heard they were killer.

11:15 - Finally I got that disgusting taste out of my mouth
"A" smoked a bowl with me so i would'nt puke after eating them.

11:30 - "A" has to got to work at 8:00 in the mornning so i had to trip alone at my house so i called my mom and she was on her way to get me.

11:45 - I just got home and i was sitting on the couch still waiting for the shrooms to kick in when i started seeing tiny
pixels flying out of the corner of my eye. At this point i decided to chill out and just lay there. Now that im calm getting into some Tool my cat jumps right on me out of no where and scares the piss out of me.

12:00 - I was in the kitchen chilling when i got hit with the hardest visual i saw the the whole kitchen flash purple 5 times like someone flashed a camera right in your eye.
Im starting to hear voices in my head but i can't make out what there saying it's like a low mumble.

12:30 - Wish i had some squares i was way to fucked up i had done acid before but not enough to get visuals just enough to get you pretty fucked up so this was my first actual hallucination.

1:00 - I was staring at a KoRn picture on my wall and it started to wave around then it turned 90 degrees in rotaion
then i started seeing a yellow pattern on that wall then it turned blue and it looked like it was headed right at me.

2:00 - I stole a cassette from my friends mom and i noticed it on the floor and i stared at it for a second and it seemed like i was right up close to it i could see all the details and then it looked like it was real far away.

3:00 - Done trippin but im staying up because i still had a buzz and i was still a little scared to sleep heh.

4:00 - WoW the Britany Spears song "Hit me baby one more time" is on i have'nt seen that video in a long time hehehehehehe. >:)

The Shrooms is back in town this week so i might post a new trip next week later yall$

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