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One Happy Night

It all started yesterday.

It all started yesterday. I was going out to eat with a bunch of freinds at the olive garden, i was thinking how i could brighten the evening for myself buy eating some shrooms that i had just picked two days earlier. They

were p. cubensis and rather large. About an hour prior to my arrival at the resteraunt i popped three and a half large ones into my mouth. I chewed and chewed, they tasted kinda good, i chased them down with 2 glasses of OJ. I had my mom take me to my freinds house who was going to the o. garden. He was the only one i told that i ate the shrooms. When we got to the resteraunt i began fealing a mild drunkeness. When we were being seated it felt like i

just smoked like 4 bowls. The green neon light was blending in with evrything , and the blinds that covered the windows began two cover everyones bodies, appearing as stripes. I was thrilled, it felt like my face was stuck in a smile, i would randomly burst out into laughter, but no one qeustioned me. My freind knew that i was tripping

and kept telling me to stop staring at things. I kept staring at my hand, it appeared as though someone was writing all over my skin in a white flesh like color, i cant explain it. I then went into the bathroom, eager to look at my face in the mirror. It frightened me at first, appearing as though my eyes and mouth were moving in a wavelike motion, IT WAS SO REAL! If you have ever seen Fear and Loathing In L.V. it was much like when he was talking to the hotel clerk and her face was moving around. I had no sense of time at all, it could have been 2 minutes or 2 hours. When i sat down the waiter came by me and asked for the extra plates, i made a complete fool out of myself because i kept staring at a mole on her face, not even realizing she was talking to me, she got the plates herself. When the food came it was very difficult to eat, much like eating after lots of really good tweed. I wasnt hungry at all and ate like 1 piece of chicken. The constant state of euphoria was terrific, i felt like i was the happiest man alive. After the olive garden, where we were for about 3 hours, we went to a coffe shop and got some

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