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One Giant Pupil

Ok, this report begins in the parking lot at the Tweeter center.

Ok, this report begins in the parking lot at the Tweeter center. We roll up in my pimp ass phish mobile (stationwagon) and set up for a hell of a show. Two of my friends are already on acid, and I have 2 rolls in my pocket. I decide to pop a roll, and go search for shrooms. Now im looking around and i see a guy walking that looks like a prime suspect, a hippie that looks like hes been fucked up for weeks. Well it turns out his car is right in from of mine, so i head over to see what hes got.
He says his friend is coming over soon, and to check back in a little while. Now, i go chill and listen to some music, letting the E do its thing.
Finally the guy calls me over, i buy 5 grams for me, and a quarter to split with my friend. At around 7 I start munchin on the shrooms, so I peak during the show. I took about 2 grams or so, and as we begin walking into the arena the shrooms start to take effect. I get a warm sensation and a tingle in my extremities. And by the time were on the lawn im fucked up. The sky is beginning to open up and rainbows are peaking through. As phish is playing the E in me makes me wanna dance, so i do some crazy ass hippie shit, just like everyone else. As the show wears on, i begin to see faces in the smoke on stage, and i feel like im floating in a bubble. And the sky is full of rainbows. I look at my friends face and he has stars and strips, all over him like a laser show.
Then my and him begin to converse about nothing, or everything, some in english, some in jibberish, but it all made sense to us. The music set my thoughts ablaze, and i pictured space as one giant dialated pupil. I was telling all my thoughts to my friend and It was like we were connecting on a higher plain, we both understood exactly what we were saying, and were thinking the same thoughts at the same time.
During the intermission, i went into the bathroom, and looked in the mirror and saw my huge glossy eyes, then i looked around, and everyones eyes looked the same. it was the biggest collective of tripping people ive ever seen. This reassured me that space was infact one giant dialated pupil. A kid ran up to my friend, and pointed out to us that the Phish shirt we all bought said Liquid when turned upsidedown, and this blew my mind, I thought he was just tripping balls, but...Bam it said it, and i was floored by the implaments of this. I told everyone that was pissing to look at it, and they all went..."SHIT THATS COOL"
When we got back, the show started up again, and we decided it was time to break out the hydro. This bud was white it had so many crystals on it. And it just kept me fucked up through the whole show. More dancing, conversation, thinking, and zoning out. Then towards the end, the band changed instraments, and the drummer began to sing, and the guitarist played drums, this just boggled my mind. I pictured phish as humble gods that i was looking up at, it was sick. Then everyone began throwing the rave glow sticks, and they looked like a million bouncy balls going everywhere, it was awesome. As the show ended, i was fucked up, but my visuals were over, and the whole crowd walked out silently, trying to comprehend how good the show was, and how we all connected on a higher level. Ive never had such a good time ever, if you ever get a chance to candyflip, do it, cuz the E makes you happy and the trip is totally possitive. And, go to Phish, trust me, you wont be disappointed!

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