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one crazy ass night

well my frined calls me up one day and he asked do u want to shroom again im like hell ya.

well my frined calls me up one day and he asked do u want to shroom again im like hell ya. This was like a week after the first time i did it and so i waited and waited for him until it was like 5 he finally came. Then we go into this guys house and we sat on his bed and we ate them and drank cranberrie juice (speeds up the time it takes to kick in cuz of the vitamn C). So we r sitting there and his friend pulls out his bong and says were goig to smoke too and i was like no i dont want to i was getting all worried then i just finally smoked and after tht the trip began. My friend and the guy started fighting in the hall and i was like wat is going on as the room turned blue and a blanket started to do waves. Then after that we decided to walk around and it was like 7. So we walked around and my pants started to flair out like exlpoding i was like wohoa look at this then we came into a intersection and it felt like the biggest intersection in the world. After tht we jus kept on walking i forgot where we were going then got down this street it got really dark im like i cant seee anything wat is this i started getting angry about it then we went through these tree and it suddenly turned day light im WTF wow then walked some more and tired running to catch my friend and it felt like it took me an hour to get to him and really hurt my head too. Then when we were walking i decided to cross a street when like 10 cars where coming i almost died but i didnt notice the cars cuz it was all blurry. So then i called my friend i couldnt understand a word she said im huh huh i cant hear u and then it just shut off and tht made me anfry so then we went down another street and it was really dark again. After all tht walking i went home with my mom and dad still awake and brother home and as i was walking home the shrooms started hitting relly hard i was walking through trees and it felt like i was ina tunnel i saw like millions of snaisl on the ground and my frined looked like he was 50 miles away plus started raining so i get home and i was high and tripping and my mom and brother were standing ther loking at me and there eyes were craaazy loking then i went in my room and the rest of the night was sooo good watching tv is crazy

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