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one bad mothafuckin trip

This story starts out at the beginning of summer right after my sophmore year of high school.

This story starts out at the beginning of summer right after my sophmore year of high school. It was about a month into summer and my friend eric and i were chillin at our friend chris' house lookin for shit to do. We were gonna go cash in a bunch of change that eric had saved up for awhile and buy an ounce of pot and roll up blunts etc. We cashed in his change and it ended up to be $170. Right away all i can think is we should get some shrooms knowing where to get some in the big town of cedar rapids which is 2 hours away. We bought an ounce with the whole 170 and started eating them about 25 minutes before we got back to my house where we were going to stay and enjoy the trip. When we got back we ate some more. I had tripped a few times before that so i thought i knew what i was in for and i wasn't very excited. Eric had tripped once before that and he was ready for a really intense trip, and it being chris' first time he was pretty excited. I was sitting in my basement chair when it started to creep on me slowly. I kept looking at chris and eric and i could tell they were feeling the same way. It felt like i was trying to leap out of my body and scream but i couldn't. Eric and Chris wanted to go outside and walk around and i didn't feel like doing anything so i told them they could just go and i would sit down in the basement. I was sitting there trying to watch TV but the colors were coming at me in bright rays and i couldn't pay attention to anything so i just tried to sit there with my eyes closed but then it looked like all the colors were inverted in my head and coming at me in the dark. I started sweating and i knew i was probably in for a bad trip. I thought the best thing i could do was just go to my room and try and go to sleep. As i was laying down in my bed when i would close my eyes i kept seeing big 3D mushrooms coming at me in my head with everything in my life wrapped around it. All i kept thinking to myself is that the world revolved around shrooms. Everytime i would open my eyes my entertainment center would be farther and farther back. This is when i started freaking out a little bit; i had tripped before, but never like this. I got up to look at myself in the mirror but the mirror was waving around and so was my face. Every tip on my body was bright red like my finger tips, my toes and my face was especailly red. I lied down again trying to get to sleep but then i was convinced that i had eatin way to much because we kindof just started diggin out of this ounce without weighing anyhthing

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