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OMFG i thought i had died


Well... it was halloween 2004, me and my friends range in ages from 16-19, my friend jeff the oldest (19) bought the booze and smokes for the big night we had planned. Now I live in a small city in Canada that has nothing better to do other than smoke pot or get drunk. I'm on student assistance which is like welfare for students to buy supplies, food, clothes etc... most of my money goes to weed. anyways we had a 60 oz. of Polar Ice vodka and 2 2L cartons of orange juice, we were gonna get wasted and crash in some appartment complex.

My best friend shaggy gets this idea that we should do something different, first thing that popped up was coke and E and im not too big on chemicals and neither were the rest of us. school drug dealer Jamie walks by and offers to sell us zoomers (shrooms) for 5$ a gram so we each bought 3.

We go underneath these train tracks and start hammering back the booze until the 60 oz is completly gone, between 5 of us and we weere all loaded. ricky got pissed off that we bought shrooms and hadnt eaten them yet so he started giving body shots to everyone except his brother jeff. eventually i worked up the courage to eat all 3 of my grams, before i did that i opened the bag and took a whiff and it seriously smelt like shit. i munched them down picking the pieces out of my teeth and swallowing them.

I guess i was expecting a kind of instant buzz like chronic but it didnt happen, we all were so hungry so we walked to pizza pizza and by the time i had my pizza in front of me i was sweating bullets, the heat from the pizza was so intense i thought i was melting, and when i looked at my veins on my arm i could see them pulsing and they were discolored.

most of us have tattoos because jeffs girlfriend cherish has full acess to a shop cause her dad owns it, jeff has the craziest ones, eyeballs and skeletons all over his stomache, they were almost life like moving around as he talked without his shirt. after we chilled for a bit in shaggys bedroom i threw on the murderdolls and put the song "lets go to war" on and the beggining has these intense drums pounding super loud, thougth my head was collapsing and ricky beating his hands on the desk to the beat was making me dizzy and sick feeling. the buzz began to die out at least i thought it did and i laid down on shaggys floor, i closed my eyes and everyone said i was crying and shit, it was so weird, i could see myself dead and my family all worried and stuff. and the next day when i woke up i was totally refreshed, wasnt hung over or anything i drank about 2 litres of brisk iced tea and smoked a few bongs then went to work

This was honestly the most intense thing i have ever experienced in my life, i was so worked up about thinking i was dead, and all the sounds making my head pulse and vibrat and making my stomache turn was almost unbarable :S

ive done shrooms twice since then and the trips have been a lot better. anyways sorry its so long ive been sipping on bacardi all night so i might have dragged things on rather thean getting to the point :p

thnx for reading !,,!.

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