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Oil slick rainbows

Age: 19 Gender: Female Weight/ Height: 150 lbs/ 5'5" This was my first experience with psilocybe mushrooms.

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Weight/ Height: 150 lbs/ 5'5"

This was my first experience with psilocybe mushrooms...

I was with my boyfriend, C, and a mutual friend, E. We were in C's dorm room. We have been looking forward to this, so we were excited and positive. At approximately 8:30 PM I began to eat about a 1/2 eighth of dried "liberty caps". I've heard that they tasted bad, but I liked their flavour. It took me until 9 to finish all of the mushrooms. During my munching I smoked marijuana, about two hits from C's pipe. C began to eat a 1/4 package of ramen soup with 1/2 eighth oz of dried Cabenzie [sp?].

As I was finishing my bag, the fuzziness that accompanies marijuana became much more pronounced. At about 9:30 E left, so C and I were alone together. I felt very giggly, and both of us were laughing for no reason. The walls were breathing slightly, and the sheet hanging above the light on the ceiling was waving and beginning to look translucent. As I stared into the sheet, my mind saw a giant, friendly flying squirrel. I felt like it was a benevolent spirit observing C and I.

Around 10:00 C and I had mind blowing sex. It was the peak of the trip and both of us felt positive and 'up'. During this my mind saw everything like a colorful rainbow oil slick.

After sex C made us both some ramen, half of what was left for each of us. Mine had 1/2 and eighth of Cabenzies and his had 1/4. After eating this soup we laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. The ceiling tiles were moving individually, but together at the same time, in waves across the ceiling. My vision turned pink. The sheet was still looking translucent and wavy. The walls started heavily breathing.

After this, time was hazy. But we began a game of Super Mario. Because my vision was pink the game looked 3D. We didn't play very long, only a couple games apiece. When we ended the game both of us wanted to go outside.

When we got outside, [I think around 12 AM] we decided it was too cold and went back in to get more layers. Going up the three flights of stairs made me incredibly hot and a little light headed. While inside I got the feeling that the room was a forest, along with the strong urge to leave and go back outside. On our way downstairs I felt like I was going to pass out, but I did not.

Outside again C and I walked for a couple of minutes until we got to the tennis courts. We both laid down on the court and looked at the stars. As I looked up, I spaced out for about 10 mins. I imagined that a giant, twisted tree was growing over us, reaching into the stars. when I came back to reality we decided to go back inside. On our way back we saw a garbage truck, and I remember thinking how much it looked like a toy...

Once back inside I was overcome with a tired feeling. I kept falling asleep and waking up again until 5 or 6 in the morning. A very nice trip....

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