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best night of my life

the preperation was made when I bought really expensive, what i think were psilocybe mushrooms.

the preperation was made when I bought really expensive, what i think were psilocybe mushrooms. I was really excited because this was going to be my first time really tripping.
We started at 9:45 by eating 1/16 of an ounce of these dried shrooms. At 10:30 I began to worry that they weren't going to work, so i took 5 1/2 (1 shot) of red dawn. At about 10:45 I started feeling really high. And by 11 I was in a dark closet with 4 of my friends looking at patterns, listening to a great story.
Sometime during the story, one of the 2d patterns I saw (looked like a swirling multi-colored net) turned into a window with light shining through shut blinds. After about 10 seconds of staring at this non-existend window, the window show backward and beame a small window, which made the closet seem about 20 feet long. After more talking in the closet, I needed some light. I went in the bathroom, kneeled down and started staring at my face.
At first things got a little blurry. Then my nose started to turn sideways and blur a little bit. Then me eyebrows started coming down and towered over my eyes. My lips warped, and eventually I looked exactly like a vampire from the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Needing a smoke, me and a couple friends went outside. I laid down in the street . At this point I felt I was better than everyone in the entire world. When girls would come up to me and asked if i liked their hat, I would simply respond, "no get away from me, i'm too good for you." or "Man you, and my friend dating is a horrible idea, you've fucked him up". Laying down in the street I saw trees morph together to form one giant tree. I waddled inside, and after sitting down more, and my hallucinations wore off, I knew I had pissed people off because of some stuff I said, but i still didn't care. In my opinion I was the center of the universe, and it was the best night of my life.

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