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oh what a night

4 people shrooming, 2 guys(me and J), 2 girls(S and C), in philadelphia on a college campus.

4 people shrooming, 2 guys(me and J), 2 girls(S and C), in philadelphia on a college campus.

My buddy and I ate a little over 1/8 a piece, and the girls ate a little less. we ate them at about 10 PM. there were a bunch of other people here just chillin. by 10:45, all 3 of my friends were trippin hard, and i was barely feeling anything. i was pretty pissed off because i made sure i ate them on an empty stomach so they'd kick in faster. i went to my friends' place across the street. they were smokin some sweet bud, but i was starting to feel the shrooms so i abstained. after awhile they were so baked, half the time they were messin with me, and half the time they had no idea what was going on. so i came back home after about a half hour(maybe it was 5 minutes i have no idea). the 2 girls were sitting on the couch complaining about how they couldn't move, and everything was a videogame. S. was just sitting there laughing for an hour. the next thing you know i was starting to feel it a little bit. one girl kept asking me "what are you feeling? what are you seeing?" and getting in my face, and she was freakin me out. there was a blacklight on and i could start to see streaks of red/yellow/blue in everything that was white(glowing from the blacklight). i could see the shapes of the lucky charms marshmallows(hearts clovers moons) in J's pants.

J. said "yo come outside for a minute". S. was out there. it turns out she hadn't been laughing the whole time, she was crying. it was originally just the 4 of us, but somehow 10 other people showed up and they were giving off some seriously bad vibes. they knew we were trippin and they thought it would be funny to try to screw with us. so J. offerened to take S. home because she was trippin so hard she couldn't even talk, and she needed to get out of that place. I said fine, and i was gonna try and clear everyone out of my house. i went back inside and was totally overwhelmed by the situation. i couldn't handle it. so i ran outside after J. and S. but they were already gone. C. had left at some point. now i was all alone.

i was gonna go in my room and try to go to bed, but then i figured "holy crap im trippin my face off. im gonna go out." there were 3 kids at my place that were leaving for a party, so i figured i'd go with them. we went to a pizza place to get something to eat. i tried to wait outside but decided i would be better off inside with real people. i saw 2 of the kids that lived at the house we were going to, and they said there was nobody there, so i left.

the 3 kids i was following were now following me. they said "where are you going?" and i told them to my friends house, so they wanted to come too. i said "listen theres no party there" and they said "why do you want to go there" and i said "i just want to look at stuff". they were confused(they knew i was shroomin but they have no idea what its like so they didnt understand at all). i got to my friend's house but nobody answered the door. i thought well i'd just go to my other friends apartment, so i sprinted there and left those kids so confused.

i feel like a dick cause i saw lots of people while i was running, and they were sayin hi and i was just running away from everyone and they had no idea what was going on. so i got to the apartment(the one i was at earlier), and i was chillin. i thought i was comin down, but in reality i was tied down in the backseat with a lead block on the accelerator. i was peaking right about now. i was talkin to 2 of my buddies, and they were so high, and i was trippin my face off, so conversations were pretty much useless. somehow we went out into the livingroom to watch Shrek. wow. there is no way i can accurately describe what happened to me during this movie. i wasnt having any visuals really, until now. the movie looked so real. it was real. it was real life. that was how everything was in real life. i cant explain it. just AWESOME. the whole time i was laying on their couch, under a blanket all curled up, makin myself at home. the movie was almost over, and one of my friends said "im going to bed" so then i thought to myself"holy shit im sittin here makin myself at home, these guys just want to go to bed, and they dont even want me here" so i put my shoes on and ran out of the apartment, across the street, back to my place.

by now everyone had left, and there was a kid passed out on the couch. he was really freakin me out earlier, because he was so messed up. but he was asleep now. i knocked on the door of one of my housemates(the one who wanted to mess with all the kids who were tripping). it was clear to me that he was engaged in sexual intercourse with his girlfriend. he wanted to screw with the kids who were trippin? we'll see how will have the last laugh. i picked the lock on his door, and ran into the room. i threw my hands up and started screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WHO'S FUCKIN WITH WHO NOW? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH". so i kept picking his lock and messing with him SO bad. yeah, i won. i got the last laugh. but i was still trippin real hard. so i got on my computer, and was gonna check my email and try to go to bed(would have been impossible). right before i signed off, i got an instant message from J. and S. "holy crap" i though. i totally forgot about them. they said "come over now" but i didnt know the address(i was there once before but i was so stoned i couldnt remember it at all). so they gave me the address, and i grabbed my keys, locked my door(so my now extremely pissed off roommate wouldnt mess with my stuff), and sprinted there.

i ran by the house at least 4 times. i got there, and by now it was about 2:45. i was ringing the doorbell constantly. the girl who answered the door was so pissed. she took my to my friend's room, but i was this big sweaty crazy looking dude trippin his face off, and im sure that the girl who answered the door was so nervous that i was gonna like rape S. or something. When she let me in the house, i couldnt even say "take me to S's room". i was just mumbling noises. she said "you must want S." so she took me there. when i got in the room, with J. and S., it was the most amazing feeling ever. it was like i was a child who had been kidnapped and finally returned to my family. you know how in that one religion everyone has to make a sacred journey to that place in India I think? well i felt as if i had just completed my sacred journey. i somehow knew what it was like for all those people(i think it might be Islam). anyways, i finally felt SO relieved and comfortable. when i got there, S. was in much better shape. they had been chillin there for a few hours. havin a great time. the whole time, they were so scared for me, cause i was the one that was alone and running around by myself. that didn't even occur to me. everytime i thought about something negative, it was instantly crushed by the mammoth sense of joy and overwhelming greatness that i was experiencing. i regaled them with my tales of adventure over the course of the evening, and they told me what had happened to them. we sat there laughing and making so much noise and having a great time. i could still see yellow/red/blue lines in my friend's white shirt, even though there was no blacklight at this place. then, one of the girls S. lives with brought us a huge thing of LUCKY CHARMS. wow, the same lucky charms that i saw outlined in J's pants, were now in a box waiting to be eaten(i was starving because i hadnt eaten a real meal since about 2 in the afternoon). we just sat there and chilled until about 5:30 in the morning. then J. and myself came home.

I got to my bedroom door and realized "holy shit, my lock is the only one in the house that you cant pick." you need a key for it. a key that nobody has. so i had to break the doorknob off. The kid that passed out on the couch woke up because we were making so much noise in the kitchen. we were reheating burgers. we all took a few rips from the bong. i wanted to climb onto the roof of the building to watch the sunrise, but i was really coming down fast, and the weed was kicking in hard. all of a sudden, all the beauty of nature and the world meant nothing to me. all i wanted was the burgers. i ate, and ate, and ate. now with my feet firmly planted in reality, i climbed into bed, and being TOTALLY EXHAUSTED from being up for 24 straight hours, i feel asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. By far, the GREATEST shrooming experience of my life.

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