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Oh shit my eyeball just popped out

This trip occured about a week ago with a few of my friends.

This trip occured about a week ago with a few of my friends. We have been getting some great mushrooms around my town lately but these blew all of the previus batches away, a matter a fact it blew any drug ive ever done away. ANYWAYS, my friend R had just been fronted an o of these potent shrooms and had sold me and a few other close friends a half that we all planned to eat an eighth each out of. We dosed and smoked a few bowls of some green weed and then these wicked puppies kicked in. At first it was the usual feeling but it was laced with much more nausea and a very narcotic like body buzz. I began to feel like i was going to puke and so did R and K but none of us did. After the nausea wore off slightly due to me dry hieving i began to see swirling glittery like colors dance before my eyes and I began to think scary thoughts that fueled this intense trip that blew my mind my then and still to this day blows my mind. At first because of the nausea i think the thought of being posiend by fake mushrooms crossed my mind then that progresesd to maybe im not sick maybe im just so crazy im making myself sick. I then thought that life is really going to suck being like this all day every day but then i realized it wasnt going to be and i told myself this is only part of the trip. By this time all my boys were wiggin balls K was in a state of dilirium worrying that his mom was going to know that he was tripping r was enjoying what he called the geometric matrix and i was beginning to have a thought overflow. We decided smoking some weed would be a good idea so we got in rs car and smoked a few bowls. But the weed didnt look right it looked to moist and plant like it looked like a fucking freshly picked mystical flower and the thought of smoking this magical flower just blew my mind i began to think of what it was like in the beginning of time when the first person smoked found a plant and smoked it. It had been two hours since we ate the shrooms and i was on the verge of flipping out. I had developed some moisture under my eyes and i began to feel it but it felt alien like and scary then my face began to itch so i started scratching it making my skin feel hard and mask like i then began to think that something had crwled on my face and was trying to attach itselef there forever so i tryed to peel my face off. Luckily i was with some experienced trippers who stopped me immediatly but shortly after my eye felt real watery and wet and all of a sudden i was seeing only out of that eye but it felt like it had actually fallin out and istarted to think oh man my fucking left eyeball just fell out i then began to panick and told my friends to get me a doctor cause my eye ball just fell out. After being coaxed through that mishap a terrible thought crosed my mind and it seemeda all to real and utterly horrid. I though i had killed someone and i had there body stashed my room i began to get scared thinking of how bad my rooms gonna smell when i get home and how i was gonna have to clean all the blood and magets up and i began to think of waht i was gonna say if ne of my friends found it, it was horrible. I eventually came down and laughed at myself just for creating half of the delirium i experienced none the less these shrooms were bomb and lots of people flipped out of em. So watch out cause shrooms, acid, and even e arent no joke and they can really fuck with your head especially if u let em.

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