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oh god! everythings moving!!:)

my dad went away for the night and so me and my brother had the house to ourselves.

my dad went away for the night and so me and my brother had the house to ourselves. we're good friends and so we decided to do mushrooms if we could get our hands on some, and we managed to. SO, we have these KILLER muggers and an empty house-i made tea with just 2 grams and my bro ate 3 grams on pizza. dont let the low dose fool ya...these shrooms were ace! we ate em around 4:00 and the night goes as follows:

right after we finish the shrooms, we put in fantasia 2000, which we had rented just for the occasion. the sound was all screwed up, but that ended up not mattering cuz we were too fucked. as they were kicking in (about 15 min. after eatin em) i started to get some small waves of nausia which stopped after about 30-45 minutes. things on the screen would sometimes be waving slowly at this point.

i remember lying on the couch and it feeling really low to the ground for some reason. at one point when i went to stand up and go to the kitchen i felt like i was a giant towering over everything lower then me in the house (let me point out im a very small, short person, so this was unusual). also while lying on the couch, i had to rub my eyes and when i did that my fists felt like they were baby fist sized. that kept happening for a little bit. also i would cup my face with my hands and my face would feel REALLY small! AND if i was leaning my head on one hand and then grabbed my face with the other hand, the side leaning on my hand felt normal while the other one felt really small again. all of this quite amused me.

one thing on fantasia 2000 started with a line moving on a paper and then it went all crazy and started making pictures and shit, and me and my bro were like "aah, wheres it going!? come baack!" and stuff like that! as the movie went on we started laughing more and more at less and less.

when it was over i remembered the jello i had made just for the occasion, and ran to get it. right away it looked fucken cool and we were laughin pretty hard at this point and pretty much from here till i say we stopped we were laughing ALOT and HARD while still managing to tell each other stuff, but not much, except to laugh again. so i got 2 spoons and it took us forever to get it on the spoons and in our mouth for the first bite. it just didnt seem to work for some reason. when we finally did, it felt alive in our mouths! it fucken rocked! now this jello stayed with me the whole night (til it was gone) until at one point we figured it had been out too long and was melting (even though jello doesnt melt, we were just seeing that) so we put it back in the fridge for a bit.

now we had a fire going and it was HOT so i decided i HAD to get my sweater off but i could NOT, for the life of me! i finally managed that by just ripping if over my head. now this is when my brother puts in the original fantasia which we own and things start to get crazy. EVERYTHINGS moving and swirling and niether of us can concentrate on anything. we both figured at this point thinking was way too hard-impossible, in fact-and that we could only be. that was about the most intelligent thing that came from our heads all night. haha!

so i ran into my brothers room and flopped on the bed and on his ceiling are these glow in the dark stars and planets, but theyre bigger than most, arranged in a square pattern thingy. his room was lit up by xmas lights at the time but the stars were just as trippy if it had of been dark! they were ever changing their pattern and getting smaller than bigger and sometimes even growing what looked like moss on them, but it was their original colour. also on my brothers ceiling is this big, felt butterfly poster on a black background. its all these BRIGHT, BRIGHT colours with lits of detailed design patterny things in it. WELL! the little dots and such were changing around inside the butterfly and it was growing smaller than bigger and the wings were changing shape and it was CRAZY!! no matter where we were, me and my brother would be laughing really really loud, even if we were not with the other one.

we wanted to go outside but seeing as how we were peaking and had NO self control and ppl were just coming home from work...we decided not to.

if i looked at my brother, he would be waving and everything around him would be waving, and sometimes he would be blending into things around him. i remember at one point looking down and the tv remote was in the middle of the carpet and the carpet was swirling around it, like it was the focus of everything. also, whenever i went to the bathroom the towels in the open closet would droop down or "droop" up. so it was pretty much just craziness and everything moving, and running around the house laughing like a bitch for like 3-3 1/2 hrs.

then some of our friends came over and we smoked a joint that we'd been saving for the right moment, which i had real trouble with! after that, everything sloooowed dooown, and i could focus on shit but everything was still moving and waving and what not. if i stared hard at the kitchen floor i could see patterns moving with music, which i did for like 15 minutes. then someone else came over and we smoked more and more pot. i have a pretty low tolerance for pot but at that point i could have smoked forver cuz i started to just feel really really mellow and stoned but everything was still moving. it was so calm compared to before we smoked pot that i felt i could smoke forever. and if i concentrated on the smoke filling me up i could feel it filling my mouth and throat and it was really cool.

so for quite a while after that everything would still wave but i just felt baked. and then when stuff slowed down even more stuff would only moved if i stared at it, and then only certian things, like the butterfly poster and the stars or carpets or stuff like that. but it was a fucken AWSOME night/afternoon, and i definitely recomend jello for fucks sake! it ROX!:P thx readin, happy shroomin.

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