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What the fuck are we?

What the fuck are we?
We have only begun to find out, of this I am certain.
I want to share but can't put into words how everything is connected and perfect in both its cruelty and beauty. Ever looked at the clear night sky and felt as if you were petting the underbelly of the universe? Movement of time slower than a sand dune. Ever stood on the beach and watched the ocean receed in a hiss of uncomprehendable strength and....? To have travelled through realms as real as daylight while in actuality you are , grabbing your knees huddled on the dark forest floor. Young man in Central America stuffing his face with caps bigger than his fist and surfing double overhead waves. This is real,unfold for maximum radiation. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELVES. IF YOU ARE EATING THESE THINGS AND PROSPERING THAN YOU ARE INDEED ALIEN. ONCE BEGUN BEST FINISHED

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