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Oceans of Orgasm

My friend recently moved into my apartment with me after my old roommate took off to seattle.

My friend recently moved into my apartment with me after my old roommate took off to seattle. a few weeks later several of our friends wanted to drink but we didnt have a pool. everyone left by 11:00 at night. the only people to remain were richard, my friend J and another friend Z. it was common knowledge that richard was shrooming. up out of nowhere J asks him if he would be willing to part with some.(J and Z were newcomers here, i was experienced but i didnt let on) it took a fucking hour to convince him but we finally had about 10 grams devided for the three of us. I head into J's room and just listen to whatever music was playing while staring at his posters in his room, most of them musicians. twenty minutes later i start to feel queesy it wasnt unpleasant just odd feeling and half an hour later the trip started with all four of us staring at a screen saver. after a while we put pink floyd's "welcome to the machine"(the swimmiest fucking song)and stare at the visuals on the winamp program. we are all just melting into the screen as these cyber galaxies fly by us, we where nearly dodging each planet. later in the living room we each find a seat and go into our own trips i had to periodically shake off these orgasmic waves flowing through my body. Richard was being restless, he was playing with a music stand for an hour. i was just constantly sinking into a blanket, i couldnt seem to keep my hand out of the forest in my pants. our little group came to the conclusion that we were swimming in oceans of orgasm. at this point J goes off on his trip all night long saying shit like "Im in pools of ploopey ploopiness" and "my nipples have become orbs of orby orbiness". everything started to breathe when we touched it, like it momentarily came alive with our contact. the floor could not seem to stop waving around while we run down the hall while rubbing our fingers against the cieling. the same song is still playing on repeat and i start to wave my fingers in the air to create these sparks of energy. closer to the end of the trip the whole apartment started to get this disgusted feel about it and Richard J and I decided to go for a walk. Z was being a bitch about it and saying hes not coming and if we go hes going to go to sleep. just as we were about to leave he heard the song start up again with the lyrics "welcome my son, to the machine." ive never seen anyone have a bad trip on shrooms until now, we had to stay and console him. eventually we all just zonked out on a bed couch or chair, as i remember about 5 or 6 in the morning. this was by far my best shrooming experience, a lot better than at parties, its good to be around really close friends.

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