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Number 1

This is an account of my first real shroom experience.

This is an account of my first real shroom experience. I did in fact have one prior with my g/f, but it was really quite weak, involving a mild body high and a desire for intricate music. This episode took place with my best buddy...
About 12:00 am, we had just finished with our musical brainstorm and had exhausted our creativity for the night. We went to his kitchen (we were at his house) to get a drink and a snack. Eventually we found our way to the PS2 to waste some laziness, and it came up that shrooming would be a fun idea. At about 1:00 am, we still couldn't decide how good the idea actually was, so I set an ultimatum: by 2:00 we needed to come to a decision.
Around came 2, and we still weren't sure, so we extended the deadline to "before it gets too late." We decided to just go for it at 2:27 am, so we each had 8 stems and 5 caps. We needed a place to go so as not to scare his mom, so we jumped in his car and headed for our early-morning-blast-music-play-with-glow sticks spot.
When we got there, we got out of the car and realized it was friggin cold, so we blasted the music inside with the heater on. Maybe half an hour later, I started to feel a light stomach ache. Based on my previous experience, I assumed that meant I was about to start tripping. I was right.
It started off with faint trails and my ears seeming to be strangely attuned to the subtleties of the music. I looked up at the sunroof to see the reflection of the stereo's display. The numbers on it were upside down and backwards, and even though I realized it, I also thought they were an alien countdown (By alien I mean unfamiliar... not necessarily from little green men). I was entranced by them. I couldn't stop thinking about where they came from, which was 2 answers to me: a reflection of the car's stereo; and a place I'd never been to and had no idea existed.
Out of the corner of my eye (after about 45 minutes of reflection gazing) I saw a strange yellow light. I looked over to see that my buddy broke a glow stick. The kind we get are not typical party store fare. They have multiple capsules of chemicals that each have to be broken for optimum brightness. He had only broken one, and had yet to shake it up. We were both hypnotized by the slowly flowing light. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. We ended up breaking at least 5, each a different color, and becoming mesmorized by them. If you've ever seen fractals, it was like that, but glowing and in motion. Or one of those spiral pics you can get that are made specifically for any type of hallucinogenic trip, or those trippy blacklight pics with little diamonds of various colors in coolass shapes.
After I got bored of the glow sticks (they were too blended) I closed my eyes and focused on the music. All the while I was thinking about my life and any mistakes I'd made, as well as the good I'd done. One of the songs he wrote came on, and it began to guide my internal visualisation. I saw a seven point star-shaped spiral tunneling and swirling into oblivion made of red, white, blue, and purple waves of light and energy. Around the outside of the spiral were little shapes which were simultaneously small creatures (a bunch of pixies, demons, and rodents) and shapes that came out of a spirograph. How that worked I'll never figure out, but it was really great to watch. Every turn the song made musically dictated what my visuals did next... where the spiral led, what creatures I could see, and how many waves were visible. I've never had such amazing visuals with my eyes open.
In the course of this (as I've said) I had many revelations about myself. the most significant is that I realized I try to force people I just met to know that I'm "smarter than them." I use every opportunity I get to show people just how much I learned as a friendless and bored elementary school nerd. Not very good... but the only negative thing I thought about myself that night.
The second, and possibly more affecting, revelation was that I have reached a very important point in my creative excursions: I finally realized that music isn't about "This is a cool melody" or "That rhythm is awesome." I began writing to create/guide emotions at long last. That makes for more musically simple pieces, but with a much more complex layering of tense/relaxed/etc. portions, making for more agreeable listening experiences. That made me happy, because I never could figure out why people hated my old material, but enjoyed my newer stuff. And as anyone knows who's been there, happy + psylocibin = an amazing experience.
I talked for a while to my buddy about this stuff, and he actually understood and agreed with me, as opposed to a typical yesman-type friend that'll just say what you want to hear. I always knew that he wasn't that type, by the way. It's just a happy thing to have it verified, so you can realize how lucky you are.
Anyway, that conversation led to other conversations about all kinds of stuff, most of which is really hazy. What I do remember is the really fun to talk about kinda stuff, for me anyway.
We talked about how (and to those that are deeply religious, I sincerely apoligize for disagreeing) religion has become evil, assuming it was ever not. We talked about the way it causes people to die and kill for a belief. That's fine, if you believe something for yourself, but if you are just living with the beliefs your parents raised you with, there's something wrong when you kill for it, in my opinion. Religion and state are not that different, in that they are both societal guidelines to strip you of your ability to form your own thoughts about the world. We talked about how raising your kids to believe the same thing you were raised to believe by people who, way back to the creation of mankind,were all raised to believe is in essence brainwashing before you have your own thoughts and opinions. We also talked about how there may be a God (I don't believe it personally), but that doesn't mean that people were commanded to force their offspring to believe one thing and that everything else is wrong/evil/silly by Him. (sorry to seem like a ranting loony, but this is the only conversation I remember in such detail)
Another topic we talked about is my car, which I'm in the process of trying to make the fastest P.O.S. possible (it's a '87 Chevy Sprint). All I remember about that conversation is that it was really fun and pretty funny too.
All throughout the night, I had a water bottle in my hand, and I was using it as a chew toy, a visual aid, a means to rehydrate myself, and a comfort enhancer. I usually didn't realize I had it, but when I did, I thought that I must be a freak to refuse to let go of it. I've actually tested this on other people, though. You ever trip on any hallucinogen and pick up something right before you start a conversation, then forget you have it for a few minutes? Then, once you realize you have it, you also realize that letting it go would be wrong? It happens... try it out. And there's no better way to explain it, either... it's just wrong to let go.
Anyway, after the car talk we started talking about this tree that was our only view other than the car. It looks like it's ready to fall, and it has a lot of really long, really thin branches. After that, conversation kinda trickled off, because it was about 9:00 and we were both slowly coming down.
Not too long after, some old guy in a little pickup drove up and walked to the tree. We watched him as he walked below it into a ditch I didn't know was there. A few minutes later, he reappeared, got in his truck, and drove off. We spent a few minutes joking about how he probably went to take a dump or something, and it was at that point that I realized I was once again 100% rational and ready to sleep. It was at the same time sad and exhilarating, because I knew it was over but that I'd keep the memory forever (mostly, anyway).

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