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now i know why it is called tripping

i ate 1.

i ate 1.5 grams dry mexicans. i then put on a dvd of a band called ozric tentacles doing a live set, i layed down on my sofa and what followed was the most magical, intense enriching experience of my life. i wasnt so much listening to the music as being the music, i was the music, i was taken to a strange valley filled with lush vegetation and strange animals all of which were incredibly colourful. incredible feelings of euphoria washed over me, this was a safe place where i flew around somehow no legs needed here.i opened my eyes at one point and looked at my hand i moved my hand in a circle and there seemed to be after images of my hand that moved slowly round and eventually caught up with my real hand i moved my hand quickly and managed to catch a slower after image and hold it studying it for a while, when i let it go it followed the original path of my hand really quickly like it was on elastic until it merged with my real hand. i felt like a pee so sat up and asked the band on the dvd to stop playing for a while, they very kindly did this for me i found this very confusing as it wasnt like pausing a dvd, the band were on stage looking at me and waiting so i went to toilet, while in the toilet i realised i could gently push my finger into the walls which seemed soft like jelly even flushing the loo was amazing the moving water very beautiful.i sat down on the sofa and the lead singer smiled at me and they continued. this was my 5th time on shrooms but my first what i would call trip i felt like i had been taken somewhere very special somewhere most people never go. also realised the importance of set and setting i had been preparing this trip for weeks,so on the day my mind was clean clear and unburdened, i made sure i wouldnt be disturbed by disconnecting the phone i layed down and opened my mind for whatever was coming. amazing

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