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Not nearly what I was expecting?

About two weeks ago I was finnaly able to get my hands on a 1/2 ounce of shrooms.

About two weeks ago I was finnaly able to get my hands on a 1/2 ounce of shrooms. I've been wanting to try them for the longest time so I was pretty excited. So when I got home the next day I had eaten dinner about 2 hours before shroomin. Bad Idea. At 9pm I ate and 1/8 waited over an hour nothing happend so I ate another at about 10pm nothing happend, so I ended up eating the whole bag at around 11pm. Finnaly I my body buz got stronger and I fealt pretty happy and excited that I was finnaly shroomin. Now at about almost 3 hours afterwords I fealt like I was on x but with mild visuals. Nothing Impressive. At about midnight I start fealling sick and head to the bathroom to get water, use the resteroom and ect. Now I feal like shit. I was was so quiezy. I figured it was normal but it suked. I went back to my room put some headphones on and just layed down with my eyes shut. Man I was fealing like shit. I told myself that I would be alright and that it would go away. Finally 30 min. later it did. By that time I was fealing like I was on x again with minor visuals although my room did looked somewhat wharped and twisted and I saw like patterns moving and stuff but I had to like kinda pay attention and stuff it was weird. Plus I had almost no closed eye visuals. I just had like a 1000 thoughts in my head, and a (x) body buzz. Overall the trip lasted about 6 hours and was not what I expected it to be(especially for $100). I was expecting to have nice vizuals like to music and stuff, and just be able to chill and have a good time. But most of the time I just fealt stoned and wanted to go to sleep but i couldn't. It wasn't untill the end of the trip that i really thought about my trip not being what it should've been. So it wasn't like I was killing my trip with bad thoughts or anything. I was just rather diapointed that i didn't get a level 4/5 trip like I was planing for. I would barley even consider this one a level 3, if it wasn't for the fact that I had a big body buzz and fealt connected with everything. Next time I will not eat before my trip, and I will probly eat about a quarter to start off with. Overall it was a fun experience, but a bit of a disapointment, but I will difinaltly try it again(with hopfully better results)!

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