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Not bad- But a let down

So I had eaten shrooms twice before my third time.

So I had eaten shrooms twice before my third time. Both times I only ate half of an eighth just to feel small effects. This time I decided to eat an eighth and a half so I would trip harder.
Me and my friend got them and started munching them at my house. We then decided to go smoke a blunt in this park. About 15 kin after eating them my friends started going crazy, laughing and being loud, and it was really annoying. This went on for a while, and I kept bitching about how I wasn't tripping.
So about an hour and a half after eating them, I started feeling pretty weird. We were waiting to get picked up and I kept obsessing over where our ride was. It was all I could think about and it felt like he was taking hours to come. Finally he arrived and we went back to the house.
We smoked some more weed and I was feeling pretty spaced out. For some reason the presence of one of my friends was really annoying me. Whenever he talked it got extra annoying. I started getting really mad and I had to leave the room and settle down.
I came back out feeling pretty nice, then I went to get my drink downstairs. As I walked downstairs I got very light-headed and began to feel like I was going to pass out. My heart was beating very fast and everything was blurry. I ran to the sink and made myself throw up a little. I washed cold water over my face over and over for about 15 minutes. I finally felt good enough to go sit down so I went and smoked a cigarette, noting how pleasant the feeling of the air conditioning was on my wet face.
I continued to trip for another couple hours, playing video games and hanging out. Then I went home and went to bed.
All-in-all it wasn't a strong enough trip and I want to eat 3 1/8ths next time.

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