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Not Alone This Time


Ahhhh. Wonderful trip reports. I feel my last report may be better than this one.. this is no bigyg reallly. Here's my last one: https://www.shroomery.org/index/par/26345

This time... It has been a long anticipated trip.. about 3 weeks anticipated. We will call my friends A and B seeing as these are the initials of their first names. Okay, here we go. A is not the type of person who would do something like this. She is more into drinking and not even very often. She has smoked weed but not enough to get very high at all. B on the other hand smokes weed with me all the time.

It started off by me going over to B's house. I gave him 3.5 grams and I had 4.5. A was going to take 2.5. I call A and we arrange to meet just down the road from B's house. So B and I leave to meet A. We end up making it about 5 houses down from A's house instead of the intended half way. I ask her how she feels about this... I want to make the experience as good as possible for her, so in the weeks before I told her some ways to prepare(meditation, relax, good state of mind, etc...). She says she feels good. We then go to a park and beging to eat our goods. A brought a juice box along because she anticipated that she would not like the taste. Good thing she did, she found them to have an absolutely dreadful taste.

We finished all of our goods within about 5 minutes then started to make our way to another park which is about a 15 minute walk away. We made our way there very slowly and stopped by the local library to get a drink. When we got to the library A's pupils were already massively dilated. I guess the store clerk heard me say that because A ended up paying $4 for a can of Sprite, lol. She didn't exactly notice until B and I pointed this out to her. The shrooms were hitting us all quickly.. for none of us had eaten much that day. By the time we got to the park which was about 5 more minutes away from the library we were really feeling it. I was surprised as to how quickly they hit us. Suddenly A broke out in laughter and could not explain why, nor could she stop laughing. Then B broke out in laughter as well. We were sitting at a baseball diamond with red sand, very green seeming grass, and a wonderfully blue sky with clouds in it that seemed to go on forever. We attempted to cross the baseball diamond which could have taken years! All 3 of us laughing the whole time. We then sat down at the Band shell to relax. Here A was tripping very much so. She later told me that she felt as if it were a horror movie... the way I was movie around in front of her while she was sitting. Like a lagging computer sort of and my neck/head moving in odd manors. This whole time B was trying to finda place to sit.

We left the band shell quickly because I stated how the police are often there. We started making our way to B's house when things started to change even more. I recall walking along the sidewalk and stepping in a huge pile of grass and dirt... I didn't notice it was even there until I stumbled upon it and looked back 10 feet later. It was as if it magically appeared. As we got closer and closer to B's house A stated that everything was yellow(she is a big fan of Coldplay). We then crossed the road where B tried to step over the curb, that had a pile of dirt on it, onto the sidewalk. He could not tell how far away he really was and stomped violently on the dirt by accident... this was much more funny that it probably seems now.

We were not to cross the busiest intersection in town to get to B's house. It seemed like everyone was watching me... thousands.. maybe millions of them! We finally got to B's house which has to be the most trippy house in town. His mother is an artist of many sorts and is really into crafts. especially crafting butterflies out of various materials... and paintings of wolves on clothe and many other things are up all over the walls. So we're all sitting around tripping out on things all over B's house. I then go to sit down in a different chair.... and start freaking out(standing up and down). B asks what I'm doing. "It's trying to eat me" I respond. If I put all my weight down on the chair, which I didn't, it felt as if it were going to swallow me whole. So B humoured me by sitting in it himself and proving that it was not going to eat me.

A then decided to try and make a phone call... she couldn't remember how to use a phone. Nor could she remember who she was trying to call. She kept saying, "Will someone show me how to use this"... I would show her... then she would ask who she was trying to call again, I would tell her that too. Then 15 seconds later.. the same questions over and over for what was about 15 minutes. Finally she called somehow and the line was busy. This left her very distressed. Then she started saying she felt sick... she had gone into a bad trip at her peak because of the phone incident. Finally after much persuading by B and I, A decided that all was good and she was going to be happy now. This worked.

Then B's mom comes home when we're all tripping madly. We put out act together momentarily and leave.. with B's dog. This sends B into a momentary bad trip. Gone from saying shrooms are awesome to wishing the trip was over in a matter of seconds. B went and took his dog home and A and I went to a bench and sat down, waiting for B. He showed up a few minutes later... still in a bad mood. All 3 of us sitting there on this bench looking at the sky. A mentions how she is seeing faces everywhere. Then... almost instantly, the clouds in the sky form into one large face.. this amused me for awhile. I then decided to look around the rest of this field/park. I noticed the leaves... "The leaves are like in layers" i say while moving my hands back and forth over top of each other... they both laugh at me. It seemed like a normal thing to say at the time. We started walking for B was not getting anymore happy. We decided to go inside for it was getting rather cold out. We go into the nearest place, the town community centre. B starts to cheer up now and B and A start to come down. I on th eother hand did not come down and start to feel like myself again for about 3 or 4 more hours. We sat without moving from our chairs in the community centre for 3 hours. It seemed nothing like 3 hours to all of us. We just sat there and talked to each other with such joy. It was the most happy I have ever been. Everything seemed too wonderful to be true. We then went over to A's house and watched a movie and chilled for the rest of the night. It was such a wonderful day.

Sorry if I bored you to death...

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